Raising Hell Part III - Chapter 10

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Stiles's P.O.V.

Before I could have even tried to grab Ara Magnus had already pulled her through, I turned to look at Jace to see that he had something in his hand. I walked over to him to see what it was, getting a glimps of what I think it is I quickly pulled it out of Jace's hand.

"Hey, Stiles what are you doing?" Jace said to me.

"Oh no, why would you pull this off her" I said to Jace

"So, I can track her" Jace said

"You shouldn't have pulled it off" I said to them

"Why? What does it do? What is it for?" Alec questionned

"This helps keep all of Ara's powers away until she is able to controll them with out lashing out, with this not in her wrist her eyes will flick between black and her usual green eyes" I said to them

"So what does that mean" Clary said

"It means that this is really bad and if I cannot get this back on her she will go out of control and there is only two ways to control her one is to kill her or have a warlock to contain her and the only warlock that is strong enough to do that is Magnus" I said

"Okay so this is bad, like really bad" Alec said

"Lets just go outside and Jace for love of the angle track her and Magnus because Clary got something of Magnus's clothing" I said and with that we all walked outside, with Clary tralling behind slowly.

"Jace, Stiles" Izzy called us

"Clary, we have to move" Jace said

"I'm catching my breath" Clary said

"Come on guy we don't have the time, we have to hurry up before we all lose Arabelle" I said only to be ignored

"You know what? This is great. And not only did Magnus not give the girl her memories back, he took the necklace and bracelet, As well as the only girl that isn't Izzy and that I love has been taken. This is fantastic..." Alec said

"Alec the girl. Her name is Clary and I highly suggest you keep your voice down" Jace said to Alec

"Why? What are you afraid that I will upset her, I get it you don't care about Arabelle it will always be Clary. But think how the rest of us feel Arabelle is a part of us and always will be not her but Arabelle, you don't understand I need her to be able to get by sometimes and when she wasn't her the only thing that keeped me going is that one day I am going to see her again, thats the only and main reason I put so much effort into the missions. But this is about Clary and guess what, we have risked our lifes again and again for this girl and look where it has gotten us? All right? Nowhere. We are not closer to the mortal cup. And we have losed the insitutes nacklace and bracelet" Alec said as he blow up on Jace

"Hey, I am right here. I don't care about your damn jewelry. I'm sorry that your gonna look bad infront of your bosses, okay? But, my mother is still missing, and my last chance at finding her just disappeared into thin air" Clary said snaping at Alec

"Don't you ever snap at Alec like that again Clary because all this whole thing has been about is you. You are not even bothered that Arabelle is missing again, fo you understand what it is like for us knowing that we might never find her again? No you don't because it is quite obverse that you don't care about her. Or how the rest of us feel and how on edge we are because we don't know where Arabelle is. The same with you Jace you don't care and I do agree with Alec on that because you are always about Clary not what about Arabelle is she okay? You don't care about anyone but yourself and Clary" Stiles said finally had it with both Jace and Clary. Alec grabbed Stiles and pulled him back and away from them before he exploded and hurt one of them. While Izzy stood back and watch but couldn't help but agree with both Alec and Stiles.

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