Major Aecana Part II - Chapter 18

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Arabelle's P

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Arabelle's P.O.V.

Clary came and stood by me, which was infront of Jace. As the lights went out I was amazed because I had night vision and this was amazing.

"Wow" I heard Clary say

"Right, lets go" Jace said to Clary as the both were having a moment before Jace jumped up, pulling himself into the air shaft.

I went next, Jace right down and grabed hold of my arms and pulled me up. He pulled a little too hard causing him to fall back with me landing on top of him. I looked into his eye and got lost completly.

"Hey, am I going to stand her or what?" Clary yells pulling us both out of the trance that we were in, I grabed one arm and Jace grabed the other and we both pulled Clary up.


It didn't take up long to find the evidence room, when walking through the air shaft, Once we were there Jace moved the metal door type thing and we walked into the room. Clary closed it behind me and I smiled silently telling her thank you.

"What is all this crap? Lunch recits" Jace said as well walked down between shelfs that were on both sides full of evidence. We heard the door open and in came a officers, we all quickly made out selfs invisible.

We watch as the officer flashed his torch in our direction and walked down passed us, Jace and Clary let go of their breaths that they were holding.

"Hey, can I borrow your stele" Jace said to one of us

"At least we know he is not a downworlder" Clary said

"Luck for us" I said

"Give me a heads up next time you do that" Jace said looking slightly angry

With out any there comments we left and start to look for the box that had Lukes name on it which would be holding everything that he took from the loft and the cards that we needed. After five minutes of looking Clary manages to find the box

"In here" Clary say and grabed the box, we walked to the table at the end of the line of shefts that were filled with evidence boxes.

I stood next to Clary and she opened the box and pulled the first thing out of the box which was a picture frame of Jocelyn and Luke. I could see the heart broken look on her face. I placed a hand on her should to try and comfort her.

She put that one down and pulled out another fame that was of me, her and Jocelyn when we were young and I could see that she was hurting because she didn't have Jocelyn like I did with my Mom now.

"This will take all day" Jace said

"Where are your manners can you not see that it hurts her that Jocelyn is not here and see can't find her" I said to Jace I was pissed that he had now manners. I took the box off Clary as she let out a big sigh and tipped everything out of the box.

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