Raising Hell Part 2 - Chapter 9

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Arabelle's P.O.V

I pulled away from Jackson and smiled at him, in which he returned. I was at peace and the kiss that he and I had just shared is what I needed as well as him.

"Ara, come on we have to go back inside and do some research" I hear Stiles said

"Yeah, I have to go because my friend needs me back at his place." Jackson said

"Yeah, I have to go to" I said to him, he nodded and leaned down and place his lips back on mine. I returned it by placing my lips firm against his. After a couple seconds we both pulled away. I turned away from him with my hand still connect with his. I started to walk away from him slowly pulling my hand out of his.

I reached Stiles and turned to look at Jackson, I blow him a kiss in which he caught and placed it on his heart. With that he turned away and walked out of sight. I looked at Stiles and smiled hugely because I was so thankful that I am awake and moving around after what had happened and what I saw in the dream like fit I was having.

Stiles held out his hand for me and I grabed hold of it, With that we turned and walked back into the insitute I see Clary heart broken face, I knew it was because of the argument that she and Simon had. We all walked over to where Jace and Hodge was.

"Magnus Bane....Over 300 years old. And, as you can see, he is not exactly sheid away from pleasure of every centry. His tasts are both exquisite and quite excessive" Hodge said

"Looks like the downworlder David Guetta" Clary said

"Guetta is already and downworlder, vampire? Ever seen him in the daylight" Izzy said to Clary

"Can you two focus" Alec and I said together only for everyone in the room bar Stiles to look at the both of us.

"What" I said to them.

"Are you sure that you are not related to the Lightwoods?" Clary said

"No she is not, Her mother and Jace adopted Mother which is Alec and Izzy's Mother. They were the same as Alec and Arabelle, they could pass of as twin because they were so much alike and more or less spoke at the same time as each other. Any way back to business" Hogde said

"Magnus is one of the most powerful Warlocks i've ever known. He has a deep mistrust in shadowhunters.....unless you had the last name Riddland then he will do anything for you" Hodge said

"They why would he help my mother, isn't she a shadowhunter?" Clary said

"Are you stupid or are you forgetting that you were called Jocelyn by Hodge no dig or anything Hodge, when we first got hear and you went to hodge" I said to Clary, only to have her glare at me.

"Just because you are back with Jackson doesn't mean, you can be horrible to me and everyone else here" Clary said

"Are we doing this now? Because, you know how this will end" I said to her

"Yeah, we are doing this now" Clary said and with that I shot up out of my seat and went to grab her only to be held back by Stiles who grabed my arms and Alec stood infront of me

"Okay, Hodge do you want to hury up with you explaination so I can take her out of the room before she brutaly murders Clary" Stiles said and with that hodge nodded and carried on and Stiles held on to me which only pissed me of more and I struggled to get out of his grip.

"None taken Arabelle and Yes, she was one of the best" Hodge said to Clary


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