Moo Shu To Go Part IIII - Chapter 14

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Stiles P.O.V.

As the car pulled off before either Alec or I could get to it. I saw the panic in Alec's eyes because Jace had told him to look after Clary while he was away with Izzy. Although Clary and Simon were with Arabelle it didn't stop my worrying of her and how we were going to get her back.

Alec pulled out his phone and texted Jace, telling him what had happened.

I know that Jace was going to storm in here and blame Alec. When it wasn't Alec's fault it was Clary's. If she had done what she was told and that was to stay in the insitute, we wouldn't be in this situation know but she didn't. Well done Clary fricken Fray.


We were stood in Clary's room when Alec started to throw things around the room because she was angry and upset with him self that he had lost Clary, when he was supposed to keep an eye on her. I didn't blame him because it wasn't his fault. It was Clary's and Jace will be Jace and will not see it like that. Not long after Jace and Izzy run in to the room that we were in.

"Where is she? Where's Clary" Jace said totally forgetting about Arabelle and Simon as well.

"She gone, there both gone." Alec said

"What do you mean gone?" Izzy said

She, Simon and a knocked out Arabelle were arrested whilst Stiles and I were securing the fire escape. We got distracted" Alec said

"The mundane was here?" Jace questioned

"Simon? He's gone to" Izzy said

"Oh for the love of the angle, yes and they knocked out Ara and took her too. Remember her? not just Clary and Simon. it was an unmarked car. We don't know where they took them" I said

Jace stormed out of the room and Izzy followed him taking Clary's bag. I picked up Arabelles bag as well, turning towards Alec I noticed that he was blaming his self for everything. I pulled him in for a hug.

"It's not your fault okay! Clary brought this on her self and tooking down Arabelle and Simon with her." I told him trying to make him feel better, but it didn't work.


Arabelle's P.O.V.

I slowly woke up as I felt the car come to a stop. I sat up and took a look around the place that we were in. realising that I don't recognised this place. I looked around for Clary or Simon. I found them, seeing as I was sat on Simons Lap.

Before I could say a word I was pulled out of the car by a familar face but I couldn't remember who it was. All three of us were pulled towards the Jade wolf resturant. Clary being Clary was questioning on where we are and where we were going. Whilst I was making sure that I wasn't going to need to kick some serious butt.


Stiles's P.O.V.

Alec and I met Izzy and Jace out side, I see that Jace is trying to track Clary by using a drawing that she had done that belong to her, but it wouldn't work because the was no signal for him track to find out where Clary, Simon and Ara was.

"It's not strong enough. We need to parabatai track" Jace said as he walked over to Alec and draw the rune one Alec's hand. They then joined hands and being trying to track them.

Meanwhile Jace and Alec were trying to track them, Izzy was on the phone doing angle knows what and me? I was panicing thinking all the worst things that could have happened to my bestfriend. Like is she dead? Are they torchering her? Where could they have taken her? All these thoughts in my head and not one of them could be answered.

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