Moo Shu To Go - Chapter 12

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Arabelle's P.O.V.

After I caught up with my Mom and she explained everything to me like how she didn't abandon me. That Jocelyn took me from the insitute for her own selfish reason's. I asked her why she didn't come looking for me. She did it was that Jocelyn had kept me, Clary and herself hidden from the shadow world really well that she was able to cover her tracks. I forgave her and told her that we were going to take things slow and that I will call her Mom because it feels right and she was happy.

"Do you know what I am more happy about other that you saying that you will call me Mom even though we are taking it slow?" She asked

"No, what" I asked her

"That I finally have you back in my arms and I am able to hold you just like before" She said smiling. Which caused me to smile.

"You know your roles here right, that the Riddland and the Lightwoods are what run this insitute so it will be required that you and Alec are to run this insitute" Mom said

"Yes I know and we will run this place just as good as you if not better" I said causing her to smile.


Stiles P.O.V

Whilst Ara was off talking and getting answers from her mother, the rest of us were left to deal with that Maryse had to say about the seelies and to communication that has stopped bettween both us and the Seelies. I also notice that Clary was Glaring at Arabelle and her Mother.

"Will you stop glaring at the girl that is considered my daughter and her mother" Maryse said to Clary causing her to jump and nod out of fear.

"I have Seelie friends" Izzy said to Maryse

"Yes, I know all about your friends Isabelle. We seperate ourselfs from the downworlders for a good reason" Maryse said to Izzy

"Clearly not if Magnus Bane if the godfather of Arabelle" Clary said

"Yes we do, Magnus helped protect Arabelle and her mother when Arabelle's Father couldn't and the final request that her father had was that Magnus was her godfather before he died because the family had close with Magnus. So when Arabelles father died it didn't only her us and the family but Magnus aswell because they were close friends brothers you could say" Maryse told Clary and with that Clary kept her mouth shut.

I couldn't help but agree with Maryse because it was true. Anyway moving on we were given jobs to do Jace and Izzy went to talke to her seelie friend who name escapes me. Alec had the Job of watching Clary and he wasn't impressed with it and with what Jace had said to him. Whereas me I didn't have one other that be with Arabelle which is normal for me. They all left Izzy and Jace left the insitute and Clary and Alec trained with each other or more known as Alec putting Clary on her ass.


After a while Arabelle came over to me and we went out for lunch at a small cafe that was around the corner form the insitute. Once we were there I went up and order our drinks, which was a coffee for myself and tea for Arabelle because she wasn't a big drinker on coffee she preferred tea over coffee. I walked over to the table where she was sat and set our drinks down and she took her's in her hands.

"So, what did Mom say?" I asked her because Rose was like my Mom so I normally call her Mom.

"Nothing she told me all of my responsiblities that I have and we caught up on everything that I have missed out on. I asked her why she stopped looking for me and she said that you guys didn't and that Jocelyn kept us well hidden and covered our trail so that you guys couldn't find me, but did" She said to me

"Yep that is true and I'm glad I found you and went to school with you because no matter what happens you will alway be my beautiful smart strawberry blond bestfriend" I said to her causing her to smile the smile that I love so much.

"And you will always be my nerdy socially awkward bestfriend" She said to me whilst smiling and smiled back because it is true. Put us together with and issue and with in a hour we will have plan that will solve the problem.

We were walking back to the insitute when I got a call from Alec telling me that Clary had left the insitute without permisson and without and protection.

Can this day get any worse?

Sorry for the short update.

I promise I will make it up to you guys for not updating in sooo long it is just that all my school work is piling up and I havent had the time to do anything other than work my ass off.

Hope you like the chapter then next one will be to the normal length I write at.


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