Love and War  ✴  Shadowhunters by ElizabethRavenwood
Love and War ✴ Shadowhuntersby ElizabethRavenwood
Almost seventeen years before Clary Fairchild came into everyone's lives, a young girl around one year old showed up on the steps of the New York Institute. There was no...
  • lightwood
  • izzylightwood
  • izzy
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Enticement | Isabelle Lightwood 🔅 by Deviancee
Enticement | Isabelle Lightwood 🔅by Flower child 🔅
" my mother always warned me about drugs on the street, but never the ones with hazel eyes and a heartbeat." _________ in which isabelle lightwood...
  • demons
  • isabelle
  • aleclightwood
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The Bad Boys Baby by idonrlknow
The Bad Boys Babyby Idontrlknow
How are you supposed to raise the Bad Boy's baby? Isabelle has her life planned out, every speck. That all changes after a drunken stupor that happens to be with none o...
  • thebadboysbaby
  • pregnancy
  • boy
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Shattered (Mortal Instruments)(Clace) by xxBook_lover_2004xx
Shattered (Mortal Instruments)( M.E-M
Clarissa Fray is an orphaned girl that has went through 12 foster homes. She has been in foster care for ten years now. Most of the foster families abused her and scared...
  • romance
  • clary
  • tmi
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Shadowhunters texting  by demilh
Shadowhunters texting by demilh
What if the characters from Shadowhunters send eachother texts. I don't own the characters. Slow updates because School is keeping me busy ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ Hello everyone, M...
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  • texting
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Legends • Alec Lightwood by that1other_girl
Legends • Alec Lightwoodby Star Purnell
"Emotions make you weak, being weak gets you killed."
  • claryfray
  • isabelle
  • lightwood
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Light Beckons ~Alec Lightwood~ by starryeyed19
Light Beckons ~Alec Lightwood~by Tara
Alec just looked at me like I was crazy; I knew what he was thinking. 'Like hell I am doing that, I'll look like an idiot and never hear the end of it from Jace or Izzy'...
  • magnus
  • jace
  • isabelle
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Magnus Bane 101 (Malec AU) by HelloHeidi_101
Magnus Bane 101 (Malec AU)by HelloHeidi_101
AU!Malec Fanfiction On his first day of college, Alec expects classes, football practice and making new friends. What he doesn't expect is to meet the boy that will turn...
  • slowburn
  • college
  • bane
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Cupid's Daughter by Megan_JS
Cupid's Daughterby Meg
Ranked #20 in teen fiction!! When Noah Jones, the school's resident hottie, asked me to help him win his ex back, I told him he was crazy. I mean, sure my mom was Cupid...
  • noah
  • love
  • romance
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Loving The Bad Boy [1 & 2] by unxreality
Loving The Bad Boy [1 & 2]by unxreality
She loved him because she thought that he was perfect; then she realized he wasn't perfect, so she loved him even more. But what happens when a sudden twist comes in bet...
  • cole
  • dawns
  • lies
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Wings by ThatGirlThatYouKnow
Wingsby ThatGirlThatYouKnow
When Clary discovers that she is pregnant and is forced to leave the love of her life, she tries to prepare herself for the challenges ahead. Her mother, furious because...
  • claryfray
  • isabelle
  • fanfic
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The Choice (ft. Supernatural) by nanneq
The Choice (ft. Supernatural)by Niamh Quinn
Clary fray has just moved with her mother and stepdad Luke to New York as her mother was transferred there for work. Her life is going fine until she meets her new schoo...
  • simon
  • jace
  • shadowhunters
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my boy - Alec Lightwood by Dramatic-Exit
my boy - Alec Lightwoodby Sin To Win
Originally called 'Mad Hatter' 'If you want me to be yours Well then you gotta be mine And if you want a good girl Then goodbye' Disclaimer: I do not own Shadowhunters o...
  • lightwood
  • clary
  • alec
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forsaken ➸ alec lightwood by perksofmcfly
forsaken ➸ alec lightwoodby natasha
a cold shadowhunter crossed path with a mundane when his parabatai and sister went on a mission to spot their enemy - the demons, but got distracted by a mundane and ac...
  • forsaken
  • jace
  • tmi
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Beautiful Screams *Jace Wayland* by stilesstilinskisbae
Beautiful Screams *Jace Wayland*by Courteney
Arabelle Fray, is the adopted older sister of Clary Fray. Her name is Arabelle Riddland. Who happens to be a shadowhunter and a banshee. What happens when Jace lays eyes...
  • claryfray
  • lightwood
  • jace
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HISTORY ⇝ JACE HERONDALE by -aceofspades
[DISCONTINUED] ❝I used to love him and he used to love me.❞ OR In which a pair of blonde Shadowhunters used to love each other, but now only the memories of the both of...
  • claryfray
  • wayland
  • isabelle
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Heartburn ↣ Alec Lightwood by BetterToFreeFall
Heartburn ↣ Alec Lightwoodby مريم
"Well I guess what hurt me most of all, You were playing with my heart. Tell me why am I emotional? When I knew it from the start?" {based on season 1...
  • claryfairchild
  • jace
  • jacewayland
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Coming back by Chloesinn144320
Coming backby Chloe Sin
Everyone was in a peaceful time until Clary caught Jace cheating on her. She packed her thing and left that night. But was that the only reason she left?
  • tmi
  • sizzy
  • malec
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A mundane life by xxBook_lover_2004xx
A mundane lifeby M.E-M
Jocelyn has agreed to let Clary live and train in the long as she finishes her senior year at her old high school, St. Xaviers. She's a different person a...
  • isabelle
  • demon
  • alec
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Fallen Angel (Alec Lightwood Love) by wxnderlust_hea
Fallen Angel (Alec Lightwood Love)by Nohealani
Alexandria Lunette Bloodrose; a shadowhunter who ran from her duties meets the broken Alec Lightwood in the middle of a war. What happens next? P.S I had wrote this sto...
  • shadowhunterstv
  • lightwood
  • war
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