Love and War  ✴  Shadowhunters by ElizabethRavenwood
Love and War ✴ Shadowhuntersby ElizabethRavenwood
Almost seventeen years before Clary Fairchild came into everyone's lives, a young girl around one year old showed up on the steps of the New York Institute. There was no...
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  • aleclightwood
  • izzy
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Magnus Bane 101 (Malec AU) by HelloHeidi_101
Magnus Bane 101 (Malec AU)by HelloHeidi_101
Alec Lightwood has always known who he was... Right? He has everything he ever wanted and needed in his family, his farm and his cows... Right? So why does a chance enco...
  • cows
  • bane
  • mathtutor
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War☆ Alec Lightwood *SLOW UPDATES* by KaitlynRae99
War☆ Alec Lightwood *SLOW UPDATES*by Kaitlyn
"Don't hide who you really are. Because take it from me, you will regret it later in life." Everyone in the Downworld and the Shadowhunter world knew who Magnu...
  • warlock
  • demons
  • love
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Wings by ThatGirlThatYouKnow
Wingsby ThatGirlThatYouKnow
When Clary discovers that she is pregnant and is forced to leave the love of her life, she tries to prepare herself for the challenges ahead. Her mother, furious because...
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  • sizzy
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MINE!!! by alishamayamor
MINE!!!by Alisha Mor
" Why the fucking hell can't you just leave me alone? Don't you get it that I don't love you nor I ever will. Get that through that thick brain of yours. I don't do...
  • mine
  • highschool
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Beautiful Screams *Jace Wayland* by stilesstilinskisbae
Beautiful Screams *Jace Wayland*by Courteney
Arabelle Fray, is the adopted older sister of Clary Fray. Her name is Arabelle Riddland. Who happens to be a shadowhunter and a banshee. What happens when Jace lays eyes...
  • lightwood
  • claryfray
  • ligtwood
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Isabelle x Mayor | My Greatest Mistake by NoellaBerry
Isabelle x Mayor | My Greatest ❤︎꒰* ॢꈍ◡ꈍ ॢ꒱.*
Hi! I'm Isabelle! A loyal secretary in (T/n). Hm? Mayor (Y/n)? He's a simple hard working mayor. Tall, smart, handsome-! I mean... cool? I-I meant cool! I-I swear! B-blu...
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my boy - Alec Lightwood by Dramatic-Exit
my boy - Alec Lightwoodby Sin To Win
Originally called 'Mad Hatter' 'If you want me to be yours Well then you gotta be mine And if you want a good girl Then goodbye' Disclaimer: I do not own Shadowhunters o...
  • lightwood
  • jace
  • shadowhunters
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☾ ≿----- ❈ -----≾ Lora watched as Clary drew and eventually two words was forming on the terribly yellow van's side. The brunette focus...
  • poseidon
  • demons
  • shadowhunters
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Light Beckons ~Alec Lightwood~ by starryeyed19
Light Beckons ~Alec Lightwood~by Tara
Alec just looked at me like I was crazy; I knew what he was thinking. 'Like hell I am doing that, I'll look like an idiot and never hear the end of it from Jace or Izzy'...
  • magnusbane
  • simonlewis
  • jacewayland
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Cupid's Daughter by Megan_JS
Cupid's Daughterby Meg
Ranked #20 in teen fiction and #10 in nerds (lol)!! When Noah Jones, the school's resident hottie, asked me to help him win his ex back, I told him he was crazy. I mean...
  • wattpride
  • noah
  • teenromance
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She's the Bodyguard (Watty Award Contestant 2012) by thepasthascome
She's the Bodyguard (Watty Award thepasthascome
Isabelle is born for a reason. She is born to become the Prince’s bodyguard. Training her whole life, she has no idea what real women should act like in society. The onl...
  • alexander
  • zander
  • marrisa
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ShadowHunters Preferences by QueenKlaro
ShadowHunters Preferencesby ⚜️Klaro Ciceron⚜️
Preferences for the show ShadowHunters Preferences for: -Clary -Isabelle -Jace -Alec -Magnus -Hodge -Simon -Meliorn -Raphael -Camille -Young Vale...
  • alec
  • mundane
  • wayland
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Loving The Bad Boy [1 & 2] by unxreality
Loving The Bad Boy [1 & 2]by unxreality
She loved him because she thought that he was perfect; then she realized he wasn't perfect, so she loved him even more. But what happens when a sudden twist comes in bet...
  • love
  • isabelle
  • badboy
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Shadowhunters preferences by Skyerotter15
Shadowhunters preferencesby Skyerotter15
Preferences of Clary Jace Simon Alec Isabelle Magnus Sebastian
  • jace
  • isabelle
  • claryfray
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The Choice (ft. Supernatural) by nanneq
The Choice (ft. Supernatural)by Niamh Quinn
Clary fray has just moved with her mother and stepdad Luke to New York as her mother was transferred there for work. Her life is going fine until she meets her new schoo...
  • fanfiction
  • clacefanfiction
  • tmifanfic
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Fallen Angel (Alec Lightwood Love) by wxnderlust_hea
Fallen Angel (Alec Lightwood Love)by Nohealani
Alexandria Lunette Bloodrose; a shadowhunter who ran from her duties meets the broken Alec Lightwood in the middle of a war. What happens next? P.S I had wrote this sto...
  • wayland
  • shadowhunter
  • lightwood
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Shadow | Alec Lightwood [1] ✔️ by -stilesunicorn
Shadow | Alec Lightwood [1] ✔️by riley
❝My shadow follows me during the day, and then surrounds me at night as it clones itself into complete darkness. Now that's self-love.❞ Ella Holt. COMPLETED. ««»» I do N...
  • isabelle
  • hunter
  • humor
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City of the Dead by ssophiefloriss
City of the Deadby Sophie😜
*post cohf* "It may have fallen out of favour," he acknowledged. "Herondale, on the other hand, is melodic. Dulcet, one might say. Think of the sound of '...
  • herondale
  • lightwood
  • magnus
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Ustulation • Lightwood & Bane by cookiehuggles
Ustulation • Lightwood & Baneby corey
In which a stoic shadowhunter, a demon blooded boy, and a glittery warlock overcome everything to be with one another. [ALEC LIGHTWOOD x NICHOLAS FRAY x MAGNUS BANE] [PO...
  • claryfray
  • clarymorgenstern
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