The Mortal Cup Part 2 - Chapter 2.

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Stiles's P.O.V

I felt Jace give me my blade as he walked by thinking that only I could see him and barged straight in to Ara. Almost knocking her over on to the fall if I hadn't caught her in time, he will pay for that later.

"Hey can you watch where your going" Ara snapped at him still holding on to me and stabibility seeing as Clary had her back turned to us.

"You can see me" Jace said turning to face me and Ara

"Well no shit sheerlock, I said it to the air. Who do you think I said it to, whereas you didn't see me" She said and she was startimg to get out of control and just in time Clary turned around. To see what was happening and walked over to us once seeing that I was starting to have trouble controling Ara.

"You have the sight" Jace said making himself look really stupid.

"Wait the what" Clary said laughing at him

"You as well" He said

"How can I not know who you to are" He said.

"Well your a stranger, it is not like I am going to turn round and give you my name is it cock block?" Ara said and with that Jace stood there and just stared at Ara with a shocked expression.

"CALM DOWN NOW BELLE" Clary shouted at her to be able to get her undercontrol.

"Has that line ever worked for you?" Clary said as she flirted with him, but Jace was to focused on Ara who was hugging me.

"JACE, STILES" I heard Alec shout us and turned to Clary.

"Get her and don't let her go okay, you know the drill" I said and she nodded and wrapped her arms around Ara and I walked off with Jace.


"Who was that that was in your arms" Jace asked as we were near Izzy and Alec

"Ara" I said, knowing that Izzy and Alec had heard us because they began to question me. I told them that I would answer any questions that they had after we had done the mission.

We walked in to the club and I see our who our target is. the demon was shifted into a woman wearing a tight pink dress that was ugly and walked a head of us in to the V.I.P Room and we all follow and activated my rune that made me invisable to all mundanes but everone else in the shadow world.

"Man that dress is ugly, what was the woman think of wearing it. Oh god I sound just like Ara and that not good" I said to myself and Izzy, Jace and Alec all chucked at me.

What I didn't know is that Ara and Clary were behinded us and followed us in to the room where the fight was going to kick of.

"Izzy" Jace said and Izzy nodded and dropped her trench coat and walked up the steps and on to the mini stage and took off her wig and started to sway her hips to the beat of the music catching  the attention of all the Demons in the room.

Jace was talking to the female demon finding out why the have been taking mundane blood. they all a sudden I hear a far to familiar voice scream.

"Watch out" Clary said and push the demon away from Jace, making it fall on to the sofa that was in the room.

"Careful" Jace said and pushed her away and I looked around and saw Ara, and stood infront of her and killed the demons that were around her and Clary and near Jace. Jace was hit in the face causing him to drop his blade and Clary Pick it up and it had light up like it would do with any shadowhunter, because I was too focused on what was happening with Jace I was hit and droped my blade next to Ara who picked it up and held it infront of her as it lit up, I push the demon I was fight in on to it went to grab it only to be pulled away. I fought the demon and pushed it on the blade that Ara was holding then grabed it out of her hands and finished fighting them with Jace, Izzy and Alec. Once we were done I notice that Ara was gone and so was Clary.

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