Of Men And Angles Part I - Chapter 15

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Arabelle's P.O.V.
I looked at Stiles who looked very worried about my bracelet and why the stones are black instead of blue. I was confused because I didn't know what it meant if the stones were black and not blue.

"Stiles, whats wrong?" I asked him

"We, were too late" He kept saying over and over again

"What is going on!" I shouted

"Do you know why you have always had to bracelet on and why you where never allowed to take it of?" Stiles said, I shook my head

"What will happen?" I asked

"The once blue stones on your bracelet they helped you controll and concealed your poweres. If the stones go black because the bracelet has been taken of your wrist for too long it will mean that your powers would come back at onces and you would lash out for no reason and your eyes would go from green to black then back to green. you would go out of controll." Stiles told me and I started to panic.

"Oh, no we have to get to Magnus's now" I said.

"Come on, lets go. Alec, Izzy we will meet you back at the insitute." Stiles said.

They left, Stiles and I started to walk to Magnus's when I started to feel funny and was having an internal battle with myself. When I suddenly blacked out.

Stiles's P.O.V.
Arabelle and I were walking towards Magnus's place, when I looked at her I could see that she was starting to feel funny and what looked like to be having a internal battal with herself.
Before I could react she had knocked me out and that last thing I saw was that her eyes were no-longer green but they were now with what looked like a purple pentagram infront of her. She laugh and left as darkness covered my sences.


Alec's P.O.V.
I was stood staring out of the window waiting to hear from Stiles telling me that Arabelle was okay and that they were able to get her cured before her powers took over her, when Izzy came into the office.

"Mom's in a rare form today" Izzy said

"She's been different since she has come back from idris, but I'm not sure if that is because Arabelle is finally home where she belongs" I said

"If you say so. Same old jugdemental Mom with me. Have you spoken to Jace yet or heard from Stiles?" Izzy said

"He can call me when he's done chasing the little girl and..... But no I haven't heard from Stiles and it is putting me on edge" I said

"Alec, you need to call Jace." Izzy said

"What no 'welcome home' for the old man?" I heard my father say.

"Max" I said

"Daddy" Izzy said

"What are you doing back so soon" I asked Max once we pulled away from the hug

"Got in trouble in Mumbai" He said

"Oh, what did you do" I asked him

"Nothing" He said

"He started a fire with his stele during rune suddies" Dad said

"Max" Izzy said

"Well at least it was fire and not Summoning Demon's like Arabelle did" I said causing dad to laugh and agree with me.

"Where is Clary Fairchild your mother said she is missing. Also where is Arabelle Riddland because your mother and Rose both comfirmed that it is her. I would like to see my little trouble after all these year of searching for her." Dad said

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