Chapter 6

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 Chapter 6

They spent dinner talking about school, the upcoming winter wonderland carnival, sports and the weather. They all complimented Nat on her cooking, and Alex jokingly complained once again about the remodeling.

            They finished dinner and everyone helped clean up the dishes and table before making their way to the entertainment room. The room was set up with a screen and a projector; it had a massive couch that was arranged in a semi-circle.

            “What movie do you want to watch?” Nat asked naming off a few of the more popular movies of the season.

            “Anything you want to watch mom.” Zach said waiting for his mom to choose a movie so he can go set up the DVD player. Nat handed her son a suspense movie.

Nat and Alex sat on left side of the couch and cuddled up against each other. Megan loved that about her parents, they were very affectionate and weren’t afraid to show it. They didn’t usually kiss in public but they often held hands when they went shopping. Megan grabbed a huge brown blanket from the closet and curled up in the middle. Zach popped in the movie and sat really close to Megan.

“The couch is so big, why are you sitting so close to me?” Megan asked Zach

“Because you have the biggest blanket in the world and I am too lazy to go get another one. So we are gonna share.” He said reaching for one end of the blanket.

“I don’t want to share, I like tucking the blanket all around me and not letting any air get in.”

“I promise I will tuck it tight on my side.” Zach said pulling out more than necessary from under Megan and covering himself with the blanket, then tucked in the corners around him.

 “Zach you are stealing my entire blanket,” Megan complained tugging the blanket back to her.

“Kids, the movie is starting so no talking.” Nat called, watching her kids bicker at each other.

Luca went to the closet and grabbed two blankets, “Dude here, take this and stop bothering Megs.” He said offering Zach one of the blankets.

Zach took the blanket form Luca, “Thanks bro, but you didn’t have to do that.”

“It’s fine, I was going to grab one any way.” Luca answered taking a seat next to Megan.

“Thanks Luca, if you hadn’t got him one he would have stolen all of mine.” Megan said.

Luca smiled, “I would have shared with you if he did, but I remember how you hate sharing blankets because you like to be all bundled up.”

Megan thanked him again and tried to concentrate on the movie, which was hard with Luca sitting just an inch away. The movie was about a man getting framed for murder, and how he changes his identity and eventually pretends to be an FBI agent in order to track down who framed him.

            It was a very interesting movie, the acting was incredible and the plot kept everyone on the edge of their seats.  Everyone was really into the movie, and suddenly a sex scene came on, the couple on screen was all over each other, and clothes were flying everywhere. Suddenly Megan felt the blood rise in her face and she burrowed herself deeper into the blanket. She hated watching intimate scenes with her friends, let alone her family. She especially hated the fact that she was completely aware of Luca’s presence just a few inches from her.

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