Chapter 3

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Megan got out of the car and stretched, putting both her hands above her head and twisting from one side to the other. She reached into the car and got out her purse, before heading into the restaurant. She knew it was stupid, but Luca's phone call actually upset her, she was secretly hoping he wasn't dating anyone, but she should have known better. It was Luca. She wasn't even sure why it mattered, it's not like he would ever make a move on her regardless.

The hostess asked them how many, and led them to their table. A few minutes later a waiter arrived, dressed in a white formal shirt, and black slacks. He looked to be in his mid twenties, with light brown hair that was slightly gelled and a diamond stud earring. He had a certain bad boy appeal to him, that was very attractive.

He smiled brightly, "Hi, I will be your waiter today. We are doing a Christmas theme this month, so unfortunately you will have to call me Cupid. Like one of the reindeers." He cringed up his face.

Stacy ran her eyes up and down the length of him, "Cupid? Well that's sort of cute. Have you gotten any couples together lately?" She asked him with a smile.

The waiter smirked, "Not yet, but I would definitely love to get me and this pretty lady over here together." He turned and gave a pointed look towards Megan, who turned the color of Rudolph's nose.

Megan looked down at her menu and missed the various glares, and stares the waiter received from the men at the table.

"So can I get for a pretty lady like you?" Cupid asked clearing his throat.

She turned up to look at him, "I will have a chicken parm please." She requested and put the menu down.

The waiter smiled, "That's a good choice, it's one of my favorites." He then turned to Stacy, "And for you?" he asked, then went down the rest of the table.

Cupid took their orders and then turned back to Megan, "You have the most beautiful eyes." He said before retreating towards the kitchen.

"Megs! That was so cute! He was totally hitting on you. Ah if I didn't love you so much I would be totally jealous!" Stacy exclaimed once the waiter was out of hearing range.

"He wasn't hitting on me, he was just being nice."

"I'm going to the restroom." Luca told the table then strolled away.

"Honey when a guy looks at you like that, and talks to you like that, he isn't trying to be nice he is trying to get int...." Stacy's voice was cut off as Megan's voice took over.

"Please stop, I'm going to restroom too." She walked to towards the back of the restaurant and headed to towards the women's bathrooms.

As soon as Megan got up Zach turned to Stacy.

"Stop it Stacy. I know you are joking but I honest to god don't want to hear another word about Cupid boy, unless it is to make suggestions about how I can hurt him. So please don't say anything else about him. It makes me want to kill him, and makes Megs uncomfortable." Zach said sternly.

"Sorry, I was just having fun but I guess I see what you mean, your BBPG is on full alert."

"I'm sorry my what?" he asked getting very confused.

"Big brother protective gene. Gosh I though you would have figured it out already; we have been using that acronym since I first moved here." Stacy said rolling her eyes.

"Big brother .... Why would you come up with something like that?!" he asked shocked that he never caught on.

"Because whenever Megs has a guy who even remotely shows some interest in her you get all protective. You get ready to beat the crap out of them before they even ask her on a date. We figured it's because you are her big bro so you obviously feel protective about her." Stacy looked as Zach as if he was stupid for not figuring it out.

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