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The Girl in the Hoodie by SarcasticallyWitty
The Girl in the Hoodieby Leata
A girl moved to California two years ago. No one knows what she looks like. All they know is that she wears a hoodie. *~*~*~* "HOLY SHIT, NOAH! WHY THE FUCK WOULD Y...
  • teenfiction
  • heaven
  • dying
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Innocently Falling by MandyMuch
Innocently Fallingby Mandy Anderson
Luca is a player, who is handsome, caring, and above all extremely charming. Megan is the complete opposite, she is gorgeous but doesn't know it. Guys falls in love with...
  • ball
  • innocently
  • school
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Percy Jackson & the Young Justice League & Batfamily by WinterMyth
Percy Jackson & the Young Demigoddess
another crossover that has already been done but I'm putting my own twist on it. Rick Riordan owns Percy Jackson Dc owns ... Dc and the Young Justice League and Batfami...
  • artemis
  • atlantean
  • robin
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The Prince's American Girl | Prince Harry and Meghan Markle by BestKeptHiddenSecret
The Prince's American Girl | Nicole
She stood alone on the balcony cupping her warm tea. The soft breathe of air from the close of another smoldering hot day smoothed past her cheek and made the chiffon cu...
  • holiday
  • love
  • meghan
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The Mafia (On Hold) by MeganLouise66
The Mafia (On Hold)by MeganLouise66
~THE MAFIA~ ~On hold~ 35 year old Christian Ronaldi is the Boss's son and is part of the Italian Mafia Organisation, 'The Wisemen!' He is intense, fierce and selfish, an...
  • mafialove
  • gangster
  • rome
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Playing Dead: Book One of The Whitechapel Chronicles **FEATURED** by LittleCinnamon
Playing Dead: Book One of The Lindsey Clarke
**NOW A FEATURED STORY - AUGUST 2018* 'I was falling. And he was going to catch me. I just knew he was.' For Megan Walden, life is all about perfection. She's the perfe...
  • blood
  • vampire
  • harper
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Babysitting the Wayne's?! by jaylyn_1112
Babysitting the Wayne's?!by jaylyn_1112
Batman and the Justice league are going on an off earth mission; Alfred's sick and Bruce has no idea what to do with his kid's, he know's if he leaves them alone when he...
  • batman
  • tim
  • artemis
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The Youngest Royal by LisaMichaelis
The Youngest Royalby Lisa Michaelis
Meet Matilda Elizabeth Anna Diana the youngest child and only daughter of Prince Charles and Princess Diana. She is 4 years younger than William and 1 year younger than...
  • love
  • prince
  • queen
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Becoming friends (uswnt) by vauseplease
Becoming friends (uswnt)by 15erskwad
Peyton Skylar Kline (17 years old) is an open person with a terrible home life. She aspires to play on the uswnt. Can it happen? What happens when they have a game in he...
  • megan
  • uswnt
  • rapinoe
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wrong number | lucky blue smith by okxyxngel
wrong number | lucky blue smithby you are loved.
"i wish i was never put into this mess! i wish i never met you!" i yell, allowing rage to get the better of me. his face instantly hardened, his eyes flashed...
  • text
  • megan
  • blue
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Dreaming In Blue | Sal Fisher by NotesToTheMoon
Dreaming In Blue | Sal Fisherby l u n a r i s
A boy moves into the apartments and while he may seem normal to (Name), he's anything but normal to others. After many adventures about the paranormal activities in th...
  • megan
  • chug
  • ashley
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Bat-Clan meets YJ by AhsokaTanoJedi
Bat-Clan meets YJby AhsokaTanoJedi
This is a story of how the youngest Bat, Richard Greyson, how his team meets his older brothers, Damien, Jason, and Tim. The three Bats have to make hard decisions in or...
  • nightwing
  • alfredpennyworth
  • robin
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INSTAGRAM [MG] by Sharonnetje23
It starts with a like..😋 {#3 martingarrix 03-02-2019}
  • garrix
  • martingarrix
  • martijngarritsen
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Young justice nightwing x reader : search and rescue  by lilah505
Young justice nightwing x reader lilah505
Sequel to (young justice robin x reader: bird love.) After the events of the first book, Dick doesn't give up on finding you. What will happen if he finally finds you bu...
  • nightwing
  • megan
  • spitfire
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Home Away From Home by TLHanigan
Home Away From Homeby T.L. Hanigan
**Sequel of The Nerd and The Cheerleader** After high school, Aimee and Megan move to New York to be closer to Aimee's work. Everything is (almost) perfect - until the...
  • love
  • cheer
  • cheerleader
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The 7 Bad boys and The 7 Nerdy girls by CandiceSacatani104
The 7 Bad boys and The 7 Nerdy Cutielynnsacatani104
Ang pitong lalaki ay ang nag mumuno ng paaralng Xavier University,ang xavier university ay ang kilalang paaralan ng mayayaman,sikat,at half korean,at dto rin nag aaral a...
  • bts
  • jessicafaith
  • megan
Drake & Josh Steal a Zebra (short hiatus) by bartcn
Drake & Josh Steal a Zebra ( kayla🍤
It's been almost eight years since Drake and Josh both went separate ways. Finally, they're together again and they may have accidentally stolen a Zebra from the San Fra...
  • nick
  • jonas
  • walter
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deredere || fromis_9 by sippingcider
deredere || fromis_9by bicho malo
I feel like fromis_9 needs some gxg fictions. (this book has more than one ship in it, don't be surprised or disappointed) ... Slow updates. The story follows all membe...
  • matjjyomatjjyo
  • hawon
  • saekyung
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Billionaires daughter ~ young justice fanfic ~ by gravitysuniverse
Billionaires daughter ~ young gravitysuniverse
Alfred opens the door of the famous Wayne manor When he finds a basket with a baby inside Her name is Crystal and her mother is none other than Thalia Al Ghul Bruce kno...
  • megan
  • youngjustice
  • batman
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Love from Down Under by AhsokaTanoJedi
Love from Down Underby AhsokaTanoJedi
They thought they knew everything about each other, how will the team react when they find out that their leader has a girlfriend? And said Girlfriend is friends with Ro...
  • megan
  • pjohoo
  • kaldur
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