Chapter 12

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Chapter 12    

They went to the movie later that evening. Zach, Luca and Ryan unanimously picked a horror movie and the girls were forced to accept it. Megan broke the news of her new formed relationship with Ryan to Stacy as soon as she was able to get her alone. Stacy responded by screaming and throwing her arms wildly around Megan. She told Megan that she was really happy for her and can’t wait till they both have sex; so that she could stop feeling like a huge slut, whenever she talked about her sex life with Megan. This earned her a playful slap and a scowl from Megan.

Zach and Luca went to purchase popcorn and other snacks and told the others to go find seats.

Once they were seated Stacy looked at the new couple with a frown, “Oh crap! I am now officially the third wheel! This sucks.” She pouted as realization struck.

Ryan reached over and took Megan’s hand as he started laughing at Stacy’s comment.

Instead of waiting for a reply Stacy continued, “Actually never mind. Ryan is the third wheel! He is the one that is new in this relationship.” She turned to look at Ryan, “Meg and I go way back country boy. You better not be trying to break us up.” She told him wagging her finger.

Megan laughed while Ryan answered, “I wouldn’t dare Stacy. Knowing you, I would be risking my life if I did.”

“That’s right country boy, you better remember that for your own sake.” She pulled down the arm rest next to her and slung her arm over it.

Zach and Luca came through carrying the movie essentials. Zach plopped down next to Stacy and Luca sat next to him.

They talked about the previews while munching on popcorn that was heavily buttered, just the way Zach loved it.

As the lights dimmed Megan grew anxious, she hated horror movies. She usually clawed a hole in the arm next to her regardless of who it was. She didn’t realize that she did it till Zach annoying pointed it out a few months ago.

Megan slide her arm through Ryan’s and held him lightly as the movie continued. When she finally turned to Stacy she saw her almost half way on Zach’s lap trying to hold onto him for her life. Zach was trying to pry her loose a little, he was clearly in pain from the tight grip she had on him.

By the time they headed home after dropping off Ryan and Stacy it was way past midnight. All three of them claimed they were exhausted and headed up to lock themselves in their rooms.

The next day Megan was home alone at night, since Zach and Luca were spending the night at Luca’s with a few friends. Megan requested Stacy to come over but she couldn’t as she was at her aunt’s place an hour away.

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