XI: Water Wyvern Wonderland

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     Erza and Natsu are being attacked by two water wyverns. You would help, but you're a little preoccupied at the moment with your own wyvern problem; three of the beasts were after you. Now, you're not one to complain but swimming frantically through a cold lake while being chased by terrifying magical beasts is not exactly your idea of an easy job.

     "I thought there were only supposed to be three!" you shout to Gray and Lucy, who are also battling a few wyverns of their own.

     "Apparently they brought a few friends!" Gray yells back, blasting his wyvern with an ice cannon. Lucy is battling with Leo and Aries, and she seems to be doing fine. Natsu and Erza have easily taken down the wyverns that attacked them, but they are swarmed by more that appear out of nowhere.

You finally make it to a small patch of land, which you decide will work so you can get rid of the pesky monsters chasing you. You climb on top, and turn to face the wyverns.

     "[Element] Dragon Roar!" You send a blast of [element] at the wyverns, hoping to catch all three in one hit. Two of the are dazed, but the third one is still charging you (just your luck, of course).

     "[Element] Dragon Iron Fist!" you shout, and punch the oncoming wyvern in the snout. It smashes into your fist and flies over the top of you and onto the nearby shore, dead (sorry Mr. Wyvern. You really need those scales though).

     The two water wyverns that were previously out of it are back, and this time they're angry; obviously they don't appreciate that you killed their friend. One sends a blast of scalding water at you, and you barely dodge out of the way. Unfortunately, these wyverns are smart, and the next one blasts you with a jet of boiling water that you can't escape. With a shout, you roll across the bank that it blasted you into, scraping your freshly raw skin with rough sand. You get back up with a backwards somersault onto your feet and jump into the air.

     "[Element] Dragon Wing Attack!" Powerful jets of [element] hit the two wyverns, and one of them hits the ground with a sickening crack. You cringe at the sound, but it's one less thing for you to worry about. You turn to face the last wyvern. It growls menacingly. You growl back. The wyvern launches into the air and sends a spray of water down towards the earth. You spring out of the way, crying out as you hit the ground; the last blast of water gave you a really awful burn.

The wyvern is still coming after you, so you roll behind a boulder to hide from it for a moment. You take a breath and peek out from behind to check on your friends. You see that Lucy is exhausted and Natsu is hurt, so Erza and Gray are fighting off the last two wyverns while Desert and Happy try to take care of Lucy and Natsu. You duck back behind the rock as the wyvern squirts water at you. Climbing on top of the rock, you jump down from the rock, falling towards the wyvern.

"[Element] Dragon Iron Fist!" You land on the wyvern's back, smashing your fist into the its skull, which you feel crumple beneath your hand. It drops to the ground, suddenly still. With a sigh of relief, you fall to the ground beside it, darkness filling your vision as your eyelids close.


"Is she awake yet?" you hear a voice ask through the darkness.

"Does it look likes she's awake?" another voice responds, sounding annoyed. You open your eyes slowly, the bright light hurting your head.

"Y/N!" a chorus of voices chimes, and when you open your eyes the rest of the way, you see your friends leaning over you. You grin.

"Hey guys. What's up?" You try to sit up, but wince immediately. "Oww..."

"Careful Y/N. You and Natsu got injured pretty badly," Erza explains. You see Natsu laying next to you, wrapped in bandages. You have some bandages on as well, but your magic has already started to heal you slowly.

"Did you guys get the wyvern scales?" you ask, sitting up a little. Lucy points to a big piles of scales a little way off. "Good. I didn't do all that work for nothing," you say with a wink. Erza, Gray, and Lucy all laugh.

"Well, once you and Natsu are feeling up to it, we can deliver them and get our money," Lucy says. You nod.

"Sounds good to me." Your magic energy is really kicking in now, and you're feeling a lot better. Natsu has woken up too, and he always seems fine after a bit of rest. Erza makes you wait for a while longer, but finally decides that you guys should get a move on in order to get back to Fairy Tail soon. You, Natsu, Lucy, Erza and Gray all pack up some of the water wyvern scales so you can take them to Clover and get your reward. You feel like you definitely deserve it after what happened.

The five of you hike down from the mountain lake where you found the wyverns, your exceeds flying along with you (Happy was complaining about how tired he was... If he keeps talking, you might just put him out of his misery). You arrive at the train station ("Kill me now," you think), and you guys board the train to Clover. You and Natsu are immediately sick, so Erza drags you guys to a seat where you can all fit. Thankfully, the ride passes quickly, and you soon deliver the scales to the person. They pay you in full and thank you endlessly for doing the job (you guys still have no idea why anyone would want 300 pounds of water wyvern scales but hey, who are you to complain with 10 million Jewel in your pocket?)

You finally arrive home after another sickening train ride to Magnolia (you wish everything was closer; then you wouldn't have to take the train). You and Desert head back to your flat and you throw together a quick meal before you head to bed. You still kind of hurt from the water burns, but tomorrow is Thursday. You have a date with Rogue tomorrow. You grin to yourself and hum a little tune. What could possibly go wrong?


Hey guys! Be proud, I actually updated in quite a good time this time :) But I realized a thing while writing this chapter... I forgot Wendy!!! I can't believe I didn't realize it until now. So, it's up to you guys: should I try and rewrite a bit of the story and put Wendy in, or is it alright without her? Please comment and let me know! If you like this chapter, vote and I hope to see you next update!

Leia: So, Y/N, feeling alright after your wyvern battle?

Y/N: *growls* I hate you.

Leia: *sighs* I really wish you guys hadn't found out that I was the author...

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