VI: The Next Nightmare

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     You lay in bed, staring up at the dark ceiling of your room for the night. Although the room Sting found for you is comfortable, you can never fall asleep in any room beside yours (you even find it difficult to fall asleep in your room sometimes). You sigh. There's no clock in this room, but you figure it must be really late (or early, whichever you'd like). Sliding quietly out of bed and wincing every time you move your abdomen, you walk across the rough, carpeted floor to the ash balcony behind cream french doors. After stepping outside, you inhale the fresh night air. You had switched into an over-sized black and gray flannel shirt with your day pants for bed (Sting lent the shirt to you; he never wore it anyway). The cool night breeze ruffles your hair, and the clear sky twinkles with glittering stars. You lean against the balcony, arms resting on the railing with your chin cupped in your hands to support yourself.

     You stare at the crescent moon, thinking about everything that's happened lately; telling your friends at Fairy Tail that Sting was your brother, Rogue, your mysterious past that you can't remember, Rogue, how much your stomach hurts, Rog- wait. You scoff at yourself, shaking your head. Why are you thinking about him?! That's so naive and childish... you definitely don't like him... Right? You think about if for a minute; you always catch him staring or sneaking glances at you, he saved you at the pool today, he made sure you were alright, he helped Sting find a room for you, he always asked how things were when you came to visit. Maybe it was alright to like him...

     "No." You say aloud. You wish Desert were here (she had stayed back at Fairy Tail); she always knew what to do about these things. But you didn't really want to tell her...

     "Are you alright, Y/N?" A soft voice comes from behind you. Startled, your elbows slip off the railing and you smash your face into the beam, whipping around to see who had spoken (ow... now your face AND abdomen hurt). Rogue is leaning against the wall near the door to the room, arms crossed and staring straight at you. You're glad it's dark, because you can feel a slight blush creeping onto your cheeks.

     "Yeah... Yeah, I'm fine." You assure, rubbing your chin and clutching your stomach. "You scared me." You laugh lightly. He gives a small, bashful smile (Aww, he's actually smiling! He looks so adora- nope. But he can probably hear your heartbeat from here).

     "Sorry." He says. You both stand in silence for a minute (your mind is screaming and moving at about a thousand miles a second) before he looks up. "The sky looks nice tonight."

      "Tha- (Wait, he didn't say 'you') Oh. Yeah, yeah it does." You agree, looking back up at the stars. They glitter and dance against the dark night sky, like fireflies flashing against a dark curtain.

     "Trouble sleeping?" He asks, walking over and standing next to you with his hands resting on the railing. You turn back to face the landscape with your back to the wall.

     "Just a little." You shrug it off. The wind whirls by gently, playing with your hair and caressing your skin. Looking at Rogue, you see the wind brush his hair aside, revealing his face. You have to resist smiling; he looks so young and sweet.

     "Sort of chilly, don't you think?" He questions, trying to make conversation. You shrug.

     "I don't get cold." You respond. The two of you stand in silence for a while, before he turns to you.

     "Well, I should probably go. Get some sleep." He commands, melting into the shadows on the wall. You watch him leave, but then turn back and continue looking at the stars, slightly annoyed. He shouldn't tell you what to do, especially because he doesn't understand. You rub your chin again (you'll probably look fantastic in the morning; you can already feel a bruise forming) and massage your abdomen gently. You probably should go to bed, but you just don't feel tired.

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