VII: Well This Was Unexpected

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     You really wish you had brought someone with you to Sabertooth so you wouldn't get so many weird looks for puking out the window of the train. The people sharing the seats with you lean away, squishing together so you have plenty of room. You know you shouldn't, but you lean really far out the window; practically your entire torso is hanging limply out the opening (you probably look like a wet noodle). Retching again, you wipe your mouth and groan. Vehicles are awful.

     "Only a few minutes left." You think miserably. You can actually see the Magnolia station, but it seems so far away. You close your eyes, throw up, and wish for this wretched train to stop. Finally, finally, the train rolls to a stop. You sway slightly as the train puts on its brakes, and inhale deeply as it stops completely. You feel a little better now and instead of using the door, you simply hop out the window (What? It's much closer than the door). Taking a few more deep breaths, you make your way out of Magnolia station and back to your guild hall. You would go to your apartment, but you decide that you should probably check in since you didn't come home last night. Walking down the street, you make your way to the edge of the city where Fairy Tail is. People bustle about, waving and greeting you as you stroll down the main road. You make it to the guild hall, where your friends are going about their business, looking for jobs and eating lunch and drinking.

     "Y/N!!!" Natsu calls from a table across the guild. He's sitting with the usual bunch; Lucy, Erza, Gray, Wendy, Happy and Carla. Desert flies over to you from the table, beaming. Laughing, you wrap her in a hug as she reaches you and head over to where your friends are sitting.

     "Hey guys!" You greet cheerfully.

     "Where were you last night? We were worried when you didn't come home." Erza says. You laugh awkwardly, scratching the back of your neck.

     "Well..." You explain to them about visiting Sabertooth and your fight with Sting and why you had to spend the night there. Of course, you didn't mention anything about Rogue or your dream. That would be weird, and your friends would probably laugh or think you were crazy or something (it wasn't uncommon). They laugh a little at your story, but nod and accept it as a good reason for you to be gone. You stretch, yawning. "I think  I'll go look at the request board." You decide, standing and walking over to look for a job to take. Desert comes with you, pointing excitedly at a job worth 73,000 jewel.

     "Nice!" Gray exclaims from behind, looking at the flyer you just took down. "That looks like the perfect job for you." He says. You smile and nod.

     "I better go get ready for it then. See you later!" You wave, heading out the door.


     Back at your apartment, you are just about packed for your job when you hear a knock at the door. Who'd be knocking at this hour? You were never very fast at packing (well, actually you just procrastinated a lot), and it was starting to get dark. Desert is asleep on your bed, tired of watching you 'pack' (it was mostly procrastination). Walking to the door, you open it a crack. Rogue waves. Confused, you open the door the rest of the way.

     "Hey, what's up?" You ask. He hands you your shirt from yesterday; you must've forgotten it (you realized that you were still wearing the shirt Sting had let you borrow. How could you have forgotten that??).

     "You forgot this." He mutters, apparently in case you hadn't figured it out already. You took it, your hand accidentally brushing against his (Whoa, calm down. There is not reason to explode... yet).

     "Thanks." You smiled. You stood there for a little, mostly because Rogue was just standing there and neither of you really seemed to know what to say. Finally, he cleared his throat.

     "Umm, do you know of any places I can stay for tonight? The train doesn't go back to Crocus tonight." He asks sheepishly.

     "You could stay at my place." You answer almost too quickly. You really want to slam the door shut, but it's too late now. Rogue gives you an odd look.

"Really?" He questions gratefully. You nod, trying hard to keep your face straight and not turn into a tomato. He nods and you just about scream.

"Yeah. That'd be ni- nice of you..." He says, stepping inside as you move away from the door. You both stand awkwardly in your front room for a bit, but then you clap your hands together.

"Do you... Do you want something to eat or whatever?" You ask, trying to break the silence (more of this small talk crap... Uuugh). He nods and you go to the small fridge in the corner of your room, grabbing some rice to heat up and a few slices of your homemade bread.

"Orange juice or milk? I have water too..." You mention, looking at Rogue to see what he wants.

"I'll just... I'll just have water." He decides. You nod, grabbing a couple glasses out of a cupboard. Sticking the rice in the microwave, you filled one glass with water and one with orange juice. Putting them on your small table, you also grab two bowls for the rice. The timer on your microwave beeps, you gesture for Rogue to sit as Desert wakes up and flies to the table as well. You put the ride into the two bowls, you hand one to Rogue with some utensils as you sit at the table. Handing Desert the container with the rest of the rice, the three of you begin to eat.

"This is really good." Rogue says through a mouthful of rice. You nod in thanks. As the three of you finish your meal, Desert volunteers to clean up dinner. With one look, you can tell that she already knows about your feelings for him. Blushing slightly, you thank your exceed and stand.

"Well... Umm... Where do you want to sleep?" You ask, looking around your small apartment.

"I'll just sleep on the couch." He says, gesturing to the small couch in the corner. You nod, and move to grab some blankets out of the chest by the window. Throwing them onto the couch, you grab some pajamas out of your closet to change into.

"Make yourself comfortable." You say, heading to the bathroom to get ready for the night.

After putting on your pajamas and doing other nightly things, you take a deep breath and exit the bathroom. Rogue is sitting on the edge of the couch. You head over to your bed and plop down, pulling the covers over your legs.

"Well, uhh... Good night. Wake me of you need anything." You say, laying down as Desert turns off the light and snuggles next to you. You see his shadow move, laying on the couch and pulling the blankets over himself.

"Night Y/N. Sweet dreams." He whispers before you fall asleep.


Hey guys! Sorry it took me so long to update. Hope you like this chapter!

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