IV: Long Lost Siblings

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Sitting at the bar with a drink, you laugh with your friends. You didn't normally drink, but you felt that this was a special occasion (plus, you decided you were only going to have one or two glasses). Cana is having a drinking contest with a random challenger, Erza is eating strawberry cake, Natsu and Gray are having a go at each other (Gray's in his underpants), and you're sitting with Lucy and Desert watching it all unfold. Natsu accidentally destroys Erza's cake, and you look at him with pity, feeling bad for the beating he's going to get.

"Uh-oh..." Lucy mumbles. Erza sits there for a moment as Natsu and Gray run to cower in fear behind the counter. Erza stands calmly, but there is a frightening aura around her. You can't help but chuckle as she strides over to the counter, grabs them by their ears, requips and beats their sorry butts.

At that moment, someone outside the bar catches your eye. You realize that it's Sting from Sabertooth, and he quickly walks off when he sees you looking at him. Curious, you excuse yourself and exit the packed bar, turning to the right and setting of in the direction you last saw him go. Desert follows you, flying near your shoulder.

"See where he went for me?" You sign to your cat, and she nods and flies off to search for the White Dragonslayer. A short while later, she comes back and waves you over, wanting to lead the way. You follow her down the road and turn down a couple of twisting alleys. She stops, and you hear footsteps ahead on the cobbled street. Now you take the lead, walking quickly and quietly to catch up with Sting. Desert follows a short way behind. Turning back onto one of the main roads, you find who you're looking for a few paces ahead of you.

"Hey." You say casually, and he flinches hard, turning quickly to look at you. His eyes widen, but he doesn't move.

"What were you doing at the bar?" You ask in a trying-to-be-friendly way because making conversation is definitely not your strong point. He shrugs.

"Just checking out what Fairy Tail was doing," he says hoarsely. "You guys are a rowdy bunch." You chuckle.

"You can say that again." You nod. "Are you alright? You sound like you're losing your voice." You mention, and he looks away.

"Nah, I'm fine." He doesn't exactly answer your question, but there's nothing you can do. He seems sort of... Sad, almost. Should you comfort him? What if he's just sick? Or tired? You groan internally; you're terrible at talking to people. Taking a deep breath, you decide to give it a shot anyway.

"You can always talk to me, you know. I won't tell." You offer, giving him a small smile. He nods, but turns back to you with tears on his face. Your stomach lurches; you don't like it when people cry, but it's especially awkward when it's a boy you don't really know. You end up sort of just standing next to him and rubbing his back (man, you feel so awkward right now. What were you thinking?!).

"Y/N..." He says softly. You do a double take, giving him a weird glance.

"Uhh... How do you know my name?" You ask with a slight edge in your voice. Sting shakes his head.

"I was hoping, maybe, you'd remember by now. I guess I was wrong..." He smiles sadly. You shake your head, confused.

"Sorry, but, uhh... What am I supposed to remember?" You question. He tenses for a second, then turns to the wall.

"Rogue, you can come out now." He states, obviously annoyed. His friend, the Shadow Dragonslayer, sort of melts out of the shadowy wall.

"I thought I was pretty well hidden that time." He says sulkily, crossing him arms. Two exceeds, probably theirs, come around the corner.

"There you guys are! We've been looking everywhere for you two." The little red one says.

"Fro thinks so too!" Says the green one in the frog suit. You give them an amused look.

"Lector, Frosch, what are you guys doing here?! Can't I just have a peaceful conversation with my long lost sister?!" Sting whines. Everyone freezes.

"Your... What?!" Rogue asks incredulously. You stare at Sting. He can only be talking about you, seeing as you're the only girl here.

"What do you mean, sister?!" You exclaim. "I don't have a brother! I think I'd remember if I had-" You stop suddenly. "I thought maybe you'd remember by now..." Sting's voice echoes in your head.

     "Oh..." You say quietly. The twin Dragonslayers look at you.

"Didn't you ever wonder about your childhood?" Sting asks. You don't answer, instead trying to pinpoint some memory, any memory from when you were little. Nothing comes. Closing your eyes and running your temples, you have a sudden flash of your reoccurring nightmare: a nameless figure stroking the hair of a little blonde boy. You shake your head suddenly.

"Woah..." You mutter. You look at Sting; he looks exactly like an older version of the boy in your dream. "I..." You don't have any words for this situation. With a start, you also realize that the two of you share a last name: "Eucliffe" (now you feel stupid. How did you not figure that out sooner?!). Staggering slightly, you lean against the wall.

"Are you ok, Y/N?" Sting asks with concern. You nod, feeling slightly light-headed. Suddenly, you feel as though those drinks weren't the best idea. You keep having flashes of things that made it obvious Sting was your brother: his mutter of "It couldn't be" after sniffing the air on your first almost-encounter, the little blonde boy in your nightmares, him crying when they announced your name for your battle, Sting screaming your name before your memories must have been erased, seeing him almost everywhere you went. It seems so obvious now, although part of you still doesn't believe it.

     "Y/N? Y/N, can you hear me?" Sting calls, and you blink twice, shaking your head to clear it.

"Yeah. Yeah, sorry! Sorry, just... Still trying to process it..." You say. You look at Sting for a while, examining his face and features. He does look like he could be related to you. Overcome by a sudden sisterly feeling, you smile broadly and give him a big hug. Sting tenses for a minute, then wraps his arms around you and hugs you back. Rogue stands awkwardly nearby with Lector and Frosch.

"Well... I guess I better catch up with my long lost sister." Sting says with a grin.


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