XIII: Sulking

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     You groan, resting your head on your arms. Lucy pats your back, and Erza sits across from you with her arms folded. They had spent most of the day listening to you complain about your failure of a date.

     "It'll be alright, I'm sure he was just nervous. You should give him a second chance," Lucy says, a sympathetic smile on her face. Erza nods, agreeing. You sigh.

     "I know," you grumble. "It's just that he spent all that time building up to it and being adorable and everything, and then he made a complete flop of it." Your friends nod in agreement.

     You glance at the clock on the wall, and stand. Lucy looks concerned, and Erza grabs your wrist. You shake her off and smile.

     "It's alright, I just have to get home. I told my aunt that I'd babysit her kids so she could go on a mission today. I have to go watch my cousins for a bit." With a final smile and hugs for both, you leave, heading home. You walk along the street towards your flat, with Desert flying by your shoulder.

Arriving at your flat, you quickly tidy up a bit so your place looks presentable. You cook up [Favorite Noodles] for lunch, and you set four bowls on the table: one for you, two for your cousins, and one for Desert. Just as you finish setting the table, a knock comes from the door. You go to answer it.

     "Hey, thanks so much for this! I'm glad you could take them for a few hours. I've just been so busy and now I'm even more busy and they've just been so crazy and...," she rambles on, handing you some stuff and explaining things as you start to feel overwhelmed already. With a final goodbye, she runs off, leaving you with two children, an armful of things, and strange instructions buzzing in your head.

     "Umm... Right...," you stutter, looking at the four-year-old and the six-year-old at your feet. You lead them inside and sit them at the table, dumping the stuff in the corner of your living room.

     "So, uh, which of you is which?" you ask, sitting at the table (ok, so maybe you hadn't really seen your cousins in a few years. It'd be fine, right?).

     "I'm Wyatt, and this is Serenity," the six-year-old boy says, gesturing to his younger sister. You smile.

     "Nice to see you guys again. I hope you guys like [Favorite Noodles]. I just made it up quick for lunch." They both seem pretty excited, actually, and eat the noodles happily. Serenity finishes first (dang, she was a fast eater) and then stars at you intently while you finished your bowl. You stare back. When you finish your food, she speaks up.

"Mummy said that you're a wizard," she states confidently. You chuckle.

"Well, she's right."

The next hour is filled with you explaining about the magic world and your powers and your guild and other people's powers and pretty much everything anyone could ever know about the magic world. Serenity dances around with Desert.

"I'm gonna be a wizard one day! I'm gonna be a wizard one day!" she cheers rhythmically. Wyatt rambles to you about how he's going to be the greatest wizard the world has ever known. You chuckle at the two of them.

"Hey, can we meet your wizard friends?" Wyatt asks with puppy eyes. You vaguely remember your aunt telling you that she wants you to stay home. You decide trip to the guild hall won't hurt anything.

"Sure, let's go," you say, rising and throwing on your shoes. Serenity grabs your left hand, and Wyatt grabs your right as you head out the door. You lead them through the streets, pointing out shops and parks on your way. They seem fascinated by all of Magnolia. Your little cousins are giddy with excitement as you near the guild hall.

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