III: The Battle when you Whup Bacchus' Butt

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*Le Time Skip of Pretty Much Everything Ever 'Cause I'm Lazy and My Fanfic isn't Really About the GMG*

"Welcome to day three of the Grand Magic Games!" Mato, the strange pumpkin-headed guy, announces. The first two days weren't the best for Fairy Tail. Both team A and B have little to no points. You sigh. Today should be a better day, right? You wait for Mato to announce the activity for today.

"Today will be one on one matches! One person from each team will be selected to fight another person from another team!" He informs. You grin. This should be good. With different activities, Fairy Tail may not be as good but one on one, no one should be able to beat your team. Natsu cheers excitedly, and you laugh.

"I wonder who will be picked?" Erza wonders. You shrug.

"They'll announce it soon." You yell over the crowd's cheers. People begin to settle, and Mato smiles (you think) as he starts to announce the participants for the event.

*Mato announces people*

"And last, but not least... Y/N of Fairy Tail A vs. Bacchus of Quatro Cerberus!!" Mato screams into the speaker. Shocked for a moment, your face splits into a huge smile. Your teammates cheer and give hi-fives and slaps on the back. Erza almost gives you a concussion from the hug she drags you into, but she lets you go and you smile again.

*Le time skip of the other fights (sorry) while you cheer for your teammates*

"And finally, for the last battle of the day... Y/N vs. Bacchus!" Mato announces excitedly, and the crowd cheers loudly. You enter the stadium wearing your uniform; comfortable white shorts along with your purple Fairy Tail tank top and matching jacket. You have white combat boots that go almost up to your knees. You wave at the crowd and smile, ready for the match to start. Looking around, someone catches your eye. It's Sting from Sabertooth. You notice that he's avoiding eye contact and... Is he crying? He quickly wipes his eyes and focuses back on the arena, but that kind of throws you off. What is going on?! You shake your head and shrug, putting it from your mind so you can prep for the battle. You see Bacchus lying on the ground with a drink, and the first thing you notice is that he's a lot bigger than you. He seems pretty powerful and intimidating, but you can't let that fool you. Bacchus looks at you and begins to laugh.

"I'm fighting you? Are you serious?!" He chuckles. You cross your arms and glare at him.

"Well, since most other people today have been betting things, how about we make a bet?" He smirks. "If I win, I think you'll have to join me for a night or two." He eyes your body, and you growl at him.

"Fine. But if I win, you have to change your guild name to Quatro Puppy for the rest of the Games." You grin mischievously, raising an eyebrow. Bacchus growls, but agrees. You both back into your positions and wait for the battle to begin.

"Now, the moment you've all been waiting for. Let the battle begin!" Mato shouts into the loudspeaker.

Bacchus launches an attack at you but you roll quickly to the side, dodging his attack. Jumping into the air, you cup your hands around your mouth.

"[Element] Dragon Roar!" You shout, sending a blast of [element] from your mouth and straight at Bacchus. You land back on the arena floor, thinking you've hit him. Your attack should've at least done some damage. You wait for the dust to clear when, suddenly, you are smacked from behind. You skid across the arena, your feet dragging across the ground. You see Bacchus smirking at you, his hands still raised in the air.

"Wha...? How?!" You exclaim in surprise. It takes you a minute to regain your composure. You snarl at him and sprint across the stadium.

"[Element] Dragon Iron Fist!" You draw your arm back and aim a well-timed swing at his face, but all your hand comes in contact with is the wall, which cracks on impact. Cursing under your breath, you casually shake the pain out of your hand (even though it really did hurt). You turn to face Bacchus, who's grin has grown wider.

"Looks like I'm on the road to winning, sweetheart." He taunts. You scoff, annoyed. He runs at you and you stand defiantly, waiting for him to come. He gets closer and in the blink of an eye, you're slammed into the wall behind you as he gives you a good whack in the stomach. You gasp slightly as the breath is knocked out of you, but you swing your fist out and punch him in the face. Bacchus staggers back a little; even though it wasn't a magical attack, you could still do some damage. He frowns at you and takes a long drink from his gourd. You would attack, but you're still trying to pry yourself out of the wall. With a start, you realize that Bacchus' magic power is growing slightly as he drinks.

"So that's how you gain energy, huh...?" You mutter to yourself. The crowd is screaming and cheering for Bacchus, but you hear Fairy Tail rooting for you under it all. With determination, you know you have to win for your team. As Bacchus launches another attack at you, you dodge to the side. Concentrating, you give a loud shout and power yourself up. Your magic power increases dramatically; scales appear on your body, fangs emerge in your mouth, and your fingertips morph into claws. Bacchus looks shocked for a moment, then smirks.

"You think that's gonna help you win?" He calls in a taunting voice. You growl at him, but don't take the bait. He shrugs and takes another swig of liquor. Running at you, he lifts his hands to attack. You stand your ground, not budging an inch as he gives you a good smack in the side. You maintain a defensive stance as he continues attacking, only moving slightly to reposition yourself or throw fake punches at him. Finally, he stops, panting slightly. You smirk as Bacchus gasps at his hands; they're bruised and scratched because of your scales. He growls at you but it's too late.

     "[Element] Dragon Roooaaarr!!!" You scream, sending him flying with a blast of [element]. He slams into the wall and starts to get back up, but you run across the stadium and give him a(n) [Element] Dragon Iron Fist right in the face. He groans and slumps limply to the ground. You smile at the stunned silence in the stadium before Fairy Tail erupts into cheers, followed by the rest of the crowd (excluding Quatro Puppy). You raise your hands in the air as you leave the stadium. Your team is there to greet you.

"That was awesome!" Gray cheers.

"You were great down there." Lucy smiles.

"We're all very proud of you." Erza beams, dragging you into a hug (you're going to get a concussion some day because of this).

"Wish it was me, but I'll admit it was cool." Natsu congratulates. You smile and thank them, heading to the bar to celebrate.


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