IX: The Wedding

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*Le Time Skip Of A Few Weeks Or Whatever 'Cause I'm Mostly Out Of Ideas At The Moment And We Haven't Had One of These In A While. To Summarize- Y/N Visits Sabertooth A Lot and Hangs Out With Sting and Rogue, Y/N Has Been Planning Ways To Get Back At Rogue, Both Have Been Flirting With Each Other Like The Dorks They Are*

You rush into the SaberTooth guild hall, dropping your bags and running over to your brother. Throwing your hands in the air, you squeal and wrap him in a hug (you kind of feel like the crazy aunt that gets too excited about things).

"Congratulations!!!" you cheer. Yukino walks over to the two of you and grabs Sting's hand, smiling. They show you their engagement rings. You sigh; they were beautiful.

     "Oh, I'm so happy for you guys!" You hug them both, smiling brightly. You were so proud of your little brother. You take him away from Yukino for a bit so you could talk to him.

     "So, you finally got the guts to pop the question, eh?" you tease, punching Sting on the shoulder. Sting rolls his eyes and grins.

"Yeah, you could say that. I've been wanting to ask for a while, but I needed the right moment. It finally came up."

"I'm glad you did. I need a sister-in-law. Maybe she'll keep you in line," you tease Sting. He sticks his tongue out at you. Laughing, you wind up back in the main hall with everyone else. Your brother buys you a drink and you sit at the bar while he goes back to Yukino. Rogue slides into the seat next to you with a drink of his own.

"That's cool that Sting and Yukino are engaged," he says. You take a sip of your drink, smiling into your cup. There's your boy.

"Yeah. My brother and your best friend marrying a cute girl from the guild. We can be alone together," you joke, raising your glass.

"To Sting and Yukino!" Rogue cheers, and the two of you clink glasses. You both sip your drinks, then get refills.

     After a while, the place starts to get rowdier. People are fake-fighting and rough-housing and being loud. Rogue and you have to start talking louder over the noise.

     "It's getting pretty hot in here, don't you think?" you mention, unbuttoning some of your shirt. Rogue stares out of the corner of his eye and bites his lip. You wink, turning to see the commotion.

     "Do you really feel the need to do things like that?" Rogue groans.

     "Hmm..." You take another drink. Some of the guild members were drunk and fighting while Sting was trying to stop them. You laugh at the chaos.

     "I hear you're the Maid of Honor," Rogue says. You nod.

     "And you're the Best Man." The wedding was tomorrow; you wish you had been able to visit earlier, but you hadn't been able to make it. You'd spend the night here and attend tomorrow's wedding. You turned back to Rogue.

     "You better give my brother a nice bachelor party tonight. Don't let him drink too much. Make sure he has fun," you command. Rogue smiles and nods.

     "Taking charge, are we?" he jokes. You buy another drink, gulping it down. The chaos in the hall is getting worse, and you stand up.

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