V: Swimming at Sabertooth

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     "So you really don't remember anything?" Sting asks. You shrug.

     "There is this nightmare that I keep having, but I never really thought about it. It makes sense, though, especially after what you say happened." You say. You take a drink of water (you, Sting, Rogue and your exceeds ended up going to a different bar) and think about everything he's just told you.

     Sting had said that you were siblings and that your parents had disappeared or died when you were both little. You began to take care of him, but he remembered you getting sick. After going to a healer, who said that something was happening with your magical energy, he took you from place to place trying to find help. Eventually, there had been two people who said they could help. Sting didn't realize what was happening until it was too late. They took your memories and sent you off somewhere where no one was supposed to find you until the time was right.

     As far as you could figure, [Dragon's Name] had found you and took care of you, then decided to train you to be a Dragonslayer. When your dragon went missing, you traveled around looking for a place to stay and stumbled across Fairy Tail. You joined the guild and had been there ever since.

     "Why'd you join Fairy Tail?" Rogue interrupts. You turn to look at him. He's looking at you with (although he was trying to hide it) fascination and... jealously? No, that couldn't be.

     "I sort of found them by accident, but everyone was kind and they helped me grow stronger. We're all great friends." You answer. You really loved Fairy Tail, even if they had a bad reputation since Tenrou. You realize that there could be some rivalry between you and these two, since they were the 'strongest' guild in Fiore and you were fighting to regain that title. Rogue crosses his arms and turns his head, as if he couldn't believe it; like you'd personally offended him.

     "What a jerk..." You think. You turn back to Sting (you still feel weird about him being your brother) and give him a small smile. He's acting like an excited five year old going to the circus. You glance at the clock on the wall; 11:42.

     "I should probably get back to my hotel..." You yawn, rising from your seat. "I'll see you guys later." You say, gesturing for Desert to follow you and you both exit the bar, heading to where your team is spending the games.


*Le time skip of you guys screaming 'HOLY COW STOP DOING TIME SKIPS AND JUST WRITE ABOUT THE GAMES, GOSH!' while I skip the rest of the GMG and Sting becoming guild master and Fairy Tail winning and the dragons and everything else. Are you annoyed yet? Good. Now we'll move on.*

     You lay back on the chair, the wind ruffling your loose [f/c] shirt. Your light grey yoga pants make the color stand out. Sitting outside, you watch Sting tackle Rogue into the pool. You're visiting Sabertooth (since you have nothing better to do at the moment) and talking with Sting and Rogue. They've just added their pool and you decided to visit since Sting invited you (even though you only came because you didn't have anything to do in the first place). Sting kept going on about how they were probably the only guild in Fiore with a pool while you had to try not to laugh as you thought of the new pool back at Fairy Tail. Rogue pops up, gasping (wow, he looks pretty good in a swimsuit) while Sting laughs his head off.

     "Y/N, come join us!" Sting waves you over. You smile and shake your head.

     "I don't have a swimsuit." You call. "Besides, shouldn't you be running the guild and not playing in the water like a five year old?" You tease like the good big sister you are. He pretends to be offended.

     "Why would I do that?" He gasps. You laugh.

     "C'mon, Y/N. I bet we could find you a swimsuit. Plus, Rogue would love you to keep him company." Sting pesters, winking at you as Rogue's face turns red (which you don't notice). You roll your eyes and laugh.

     "Nope. Not swimming today." You say. Sting looks sad, like a little puppy denied of playtime. He gets out of the pool and walks dejectedly towards you. You give him a weird look, as if asking 'What are you doing?'. He trudges over, stands next to you for a moment before quickly seizing you by the wrists and catapulting you into the pool. While flying through the air, you have time to scream a couple of curses at your brother before plunging into the lukewarm water. You swim up quickly, gasping for air once your head breaks the water. Great, you were in the deep part... You weren't actually a very good swimmer (which was surprising; you could do almost anything with ease) so you flailed around wildly for a minute (you must have looked pretty fabulous) before someone grabbed you around the waist and swam you over to the side.

     Coughing and spluttering, you turn to thank your rescuer when you realize it's Rogue. You choke a little more and your face turns red as you realize that your shirt has become slightly transparent due to the water.

     "Uhh... T-thanks." You stutter, boosting yourself quickly onto the pool's edge. Your hair hangs in your face, thankfully covering your blush (why are you blushing?! You never blush! Besides, as of yesterday he's hardly said a word and he's been oddly ill-mannered towards you). You calm down a little and stand, eyes narrowing at Sting as he stands there looking shocked and amused. You dash across the ground ("No running by the pool!" Sting shouts in vain) and tackle him, the two of you tumbling roughly across the sun-heated, cobbled earth. You give him a good punch in the face as you topple over one another, he accidentally elbows you in the stomach and you knee him in the groin. Coming to a stop, both of you groan, bruised and sore and scratched up from the rough ground.

     "What was that for, Y/N?" Sting whimpers, curled in a ball at your side.

     "Don't ever throw me into a pool again." You threaten, equally as injured, lying on the grass surrounding the cement border of the pool.

     Rogue walks over and stares, mildly amused, at the two of you lying on the ground. He shakes his head, but helps you both up and into the guild. You sit in some of the chairs.

     "Are you alright?" He asks, looking directly at you. You nod.

     "I'm fine. Thanks." You inform. You sit up a little, glancing at the time. "I better be getting back to Fairy Tail." You exclaim, rising from your seat. Almost immediately, you sit back down, wincing and grabbing your stomach. Sting and Rogue look at you with concern.

     "How about you stay here tonight?" Sting offers. You really don't want to stay at Sabertooth for a night, but you can't see how you're going to get back to Magnolia by yourself. Thinking for a moment, you finally sigh.

     "I guess. But only tonight. I really have to get back." You agree. The two of them help you find a room to stay in, and you settle in for the night.


Hey guys! Holy cow, 1.2k reads! Thanks so much to you all! I'm glad you like my fanfiction :) Enjoy! I'll post another chapter as soon as I can!

Leithian: Did you enjoy being thrown into the pool?

Y/N: No. *glares at Sting*

Sting: It was funny until you tackled me!

Leia: O.O ok... *whispers* We better go before they figure out I'm the author...

Y/N and Sting: Did you say something?

Leia: Nope! Bye! *runs away*

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