VIII: Um, This Is Awkward

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     "Please help her!" You hear the voice cry, listening through your unconsciousness.

     "I can't. I'm sorry," a stranger replies, and the screaming voices fade as you slip deeper into your slumber. Waking again, you don't know how much time has passed. You try to open your eyes, but your eyelids are heavy and sleep beckons once more.

     "Y/N...?" a little voice asks as you're about to slip into darkness. "Y/N, please wake up. It's been a long time... I'm trying to help you but no one will help. I'm sorry!"

     He begins to cry. Who was it? Someone important, someone small, someone you care about... Sting! Your eyes snap open and you sit up quickly. Nobody hurts your little brother! Sting looks at you with watery eyes.

     "Y/N! You're awake!" he exclaims, tackling you with a hug. The gesture feels almost foreign, but you return your brother's embrace. You suddenly feel weak and cold, laying back as your breathing becomes labored.

     "Sting just... Just let go for... A minute...," you gasp, struggling for breath. How long had you been out? It abruptly felt as though it had been weeks. What had happened last...? You thought for a moment, and then it came to you. A flash of light, a surge of power... Sting's eyes wide with fear and the men that were suddenly gone... Then nothing.

     "Are you alright? What's wrong?" Sting asks worriedly. You nod. Sitting up again, you realize that you're laying on a small bed in a wooden room, a curtain for the door. An old woman with a kind face enters.

     "Oh, you're awake dear. I'm glad you're alright. Is there anything I can get you?" she asks sweetly. You look at her with wide eyes for a moment; you weren't very trusting of strangers. Then, your stomach growls.

     "Uhh, could I get some food?" you reply sheepishly, and she chuckles.

     "Of course dear."

     She bustled away, leaving you alone with your brother again. You rise. Although you don't really feel up to it, you feel like you have to get out of here.

     "C'mon Sting. We're leaving," you say.

     "But what about-" he begins. You shake your head.

     "Y/N, the lady told me there's something wrong with your magic energy. You should rest. She says it's not good for you to-"

     You cut your brother off again. Grabbing his hand, you lead him out the back door, stumbling a little as you run. He grabs your satchel on the way out the door. Hiding behind a rock, you see the lady lead two men towards the house. You take off running again, with Sting frantically trying to keep up. Suddenly, the two of you are blasted forward, heat searing your skin as a huge KABOOM reaches your ears. You turn to see what happened. The house dances with flames, burned black and torn apart. The trees are catching fire as well. Heavy black smoke filled the air. Off to the side, Sting groans. Immediately, you run over to him. The side of his head is covered in blood.

     "Sting!" you cry. You feel weak again, and you begin to fall.

     "No, damnit," you mutter, fighting to-


     "Y/N, wake up."

     Someone was shaking you. You groan, blinking as light filled your vision. Shaking your head, your eyes adjust to the light. Rogue is shaking you awake. You sit up instantly.

     "Uhh, hey, what do you need?" you ask. He stares at you.

     "You were having a nightmare. I thought I should wake you."

     You rub your eyes, still groggy.

     "Oh. Umm, thanks, I guess." You stand, walking to the bathroom. You take a drink of water, soothing your dry throat. Locking the door, you slide down it and cover your face with your hands. Well, that was embarrassing. You shake your head and get ready for your day before exiting the bathroom. Rogue is trying to talk to Desert.

     "She won't talk to me! She just keeps staring when I tell her something!" he complains. You giggle and roll your eyes.

     "She's deaf, Rogue."

     You head to the kitchen to get some breakfast. Opening the fridge, you realize you have nothing to eat.

     "Hmm... Well this is awkward..." you mutter under your breath.
You shut the door and turn to Rogue (he's still trying to talk to Desert).

     "So, uhh... Do you want to go down the the guild hall for breakfast? Mira makes much better food than I do." Rogue stands and nods.

     "Sure." The two of you walk down to the guild hall. When you arrive, he holds the door open for you.

     "After you, m'lady."

     You smile and walk in. Wait, was he teasing you?! Was that what you would call teasing? You weren't really sure. Rogue follows you to the counter where Mira is serving breakfast to some guild members. She smiles as you walk in.

     "The usual?" she asks. You nod. He sees Rogue. "Oh, who's your friend?"

     "Uhh... This is Rogue. He's visiting from SaberTooth," you tell her. She smiles and greets him, asking him what he'd like to eat.

     "I'll have the same thing as Y/N." The two of you sit and wait for your food. Natsu and Lucy come over and sit next to you and Rogue.

"Hey Y/N. Hi Rogue," Lucy greets. Natsu nods to you but glares at Rogue. You can't help but be annoyed at Natsu. What did he hold against Rogue anyway?

     Mira brings out your breakfast and you dig in. Rogue follows your lead.

     "Huh, this is really good," Rogue says between bites of food. You nod. You don't really like talking when you eat. Desert flies over to Happy when she finishes eating. You finish eating and look at the clock.

     "Hey, if you want to get back to Crocus, we should probably go to the train station. The first train leaves soon."

     The two of you stand and thank Mira for breakfast. You walk to the station in silence, not knowing what to say. Rogue buys his ticket and waits for the train. It pulls up.

     "Umm... Thanks for letting me stay at your place. It made the trip a lot easier," Rogue thanked, rubbing the back of his neck. You laugh lightly.

     "No problem!"

     The whistle sounds on the train.

     "I'd better go." Rogue clears his throat and gives you a quick kiss on the cheek before running to the train. You sit there, stunned. He really did like you then! Your legs refuse work and you feel your face burning red. You touch your cheek gently with your hand. As the train pulls out, you smirk. Oh, he wanted to play that game, huh? It was on.


Hey guys! Sorry for taking so long to update! This is kind of a filler chapter cause I wasn't sure what to do. Sorry if it sucks! And guys, thanks SO much for 10.4k reads!!!! It means a lot, knowing you like my story :)

Leithian: Haha, you totally like each other!

Rogue and Y/N: *turn red* N-no! What? No!

Rogue: Umm... Gotta go! *runs off*

Y/N: *stares at Leia* There's something odd about you...

Leia: O.O Nope! Bye! *disappears*

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