II: Crocus

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You lean out the window of the train, your face blue and feeling sick. Groaning, you throw up again.

"Why couldn't... I have the... window?" Natsu whines, his cheeks puffing up as he tries not to puke all over the train floor. You just glare at him and barf again in response. Erza is sitting next to you, rubbing your back and trying to soothe you (which doesn't help because you are just waiting for her to kill you).

"Natsu, she's a Dragonslayer too. Besides, she gets a lot more sick than you and ladies first." Erza scolds. Natsu sighs and groans, covering his mouth with his hands. You close your eyes, resting your head on the window sill and clutching your stomach.

"You don't look so good, Y/N." Gray notices. You glare at him.

"You think...?" You grumble. But that makes you feel sick again. You retch, leaning out the window.

"Almost there guys. We'll be off this train before you know it!" Lucy attempts to cheer you and Natsu up. Both of you just groan in response.

"I can always just knock you out!" Erza offers cheerfully, holding up her fist.

"N-no..... Th-that's ok-kay Erz...a..." You force out, sick and creeped out at the same time. Erza sighs sadly.

"If you insist." She laments. You dry barf out the window again, because there's nothing left to come up. Natsu looks over at you.

"Y-Y/N.... C'm-mon pl-lease... Trade m-me s.....spots..." He hoarsely pleads. You nod, leaning forward and collapsing off your seat to the floor.

"Y/N!" Erza, Gray, Lucy and Happy exclaim worriedly. Someone tries to lift you up, but you stop them with a wave of your hand. Natsu crawls slowly over Lucy and Erza, sliding next to the window. After the switch, he leans out the window for a good five minutes, making awful reaching noises. Finally, after what seems like an eternity, the train stops. Already starting to feel better, you push yourself up slowly from the ground. You stick your head out the window, and inhale deeply. Feeling refreshed, you grin.

"FREEEEEDOOOOM!!!!!" You cheer, running quickly for the exit. You burst through the door, running as far as possible from the train while still in the station. You glance around in awe, taking in Crocus. Natsu, Lucy, Gray, Erza and Happy exit the train shortly after you. They look around with the same awed expression that you assumed you'd had.

"So this is Crocus." Erza nods appreciatively. Gray whistles.

"Ah, so you've finally made it." You whip around, and see Master Makarov there with some of your other guild mates. Desert, your small, gray exceed who likes to wear gamer-style clothes and, oddly, is deaf, flies up to you. You smile and embrace her in a hug.

"Gramps!" You and Natsu grin.

     "You better show everyone just how strong Fairy Tail is!" Master commands. Standing in the street, spectators begin to whisper and laugh.

"Hey, who's laughing?!" Natsu exclaims angrily.

"Calm down Natsu." Erza threatens calmly. People continue to talk, and Natsu begins to get very pissed off. You take deep breaths so you don't end up punching someone in the face because you hate when people insult Fairy Tail.

"If anyone wants to laugh, let them laugh." Makarov suggests calmly. Happy begins to laugh, but you give him your death glare and he shuts up.

"So, what's going to happen in the Games?" Lucy asks.

"I don't know. They change the events every year." The Master shrugs. He hands Erza a giant book.

"This contains all the rules for this year's Grand Magic Games. Read it, and explain to everyone the rules." Master says. Erza stared at the book.

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