I: Announcement of the Games

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     "What do we do with her?"

"She's too powerful. She mustn't be allowed to remember."

"You mean take the poor child's memories?"

"We have to. Otherwise she'll destroy herself, and anyone she cares for." A young nameless boy runs up, sobbing.

"Y/N!!!" He screams. He runs towards you, but is stopped by an invisible barrier, like a chain holding him back.

"You deal with the boy. I will take care of her." The body of one voice walks over to the little blonde boy, and gently strokes his spiky blonde hair.

"Stop! What are you doing to her? You can't! You just can't!" The boy fights, screaming. The mysterious person sighs, and waves their hands, and the little boy stops screaming, his eyes wide in fear. Then, someone walks over to you.

"Are you sure about this?"

"Yes. It's for her own good. And the boy's too."

The person next to the boy sighs sadly, but nods. The one next to you begins to chant, raising their hands over your head. You get dizzy, and something feels wrong. Who are you again? Why is that little boy crying? Who are these strange people?

"Y/N!!!!!" The little boy screams as you fall unconscious and everything goes black.


You bolt upright, gasping and covered in cold sweat. It takes you a moment to realize where you are: Then you remember that you are in bed, back home in your flat. It had been that dream again. You glance at the old ebony grandfather clock across from your bed. It was 2:39 am. Sighing, you bury your face in your hands, then wipe your eyes and throw the thick, gray comforter off of you. You shuffle to the small bathroom in your flat and turn on the tap, splashing your face with cold water. You shake your head, and grab a clear plastic cup sitting by the sink. Filling it with water, you lift it to your lips, downing the refreshing water in one gulp. Then you walk slowly back to bed. You hop in and curl up, drawing the covers up to your chin.

You sigh. Staring up at the ceiling, you try to clear your thoughts. After the nightmare, sleep wouldn't come easily. You toss and turn, trying to get comfortable. You glance at the clock again. 4:16 am now. You've been awake longer than you thought. You groan, knowing you wouldn't be sleeping anymore tonight. Throwing off the covers, you stand quickly, and walk over to your mahogany closet, carved with intricate swirl designs. You slam open the doors, and roughly grab out an outfit. You throw on a fitted [f/c] tank top, and some ripped jean shorts. Grabbing a [f/c] hoodie and slipping on your black leather sandals, you grab your keys and slip out the door, locking it behind you. You wiggle into the hoodie, and walk down the street, heading to nowhere in particular.

A while later, you find yourself perched in a tall oak tree at the edge of Magnolia's forest. You lean against the cold bark, breathing in the early morning air. Closing your eyes, you listen to the crickets chirping and the birds beginning to wake, singing their early morning song. Slowly, more birds wake, and soon there's a pleasant chorus of birds, overlapping in melodies and pitches. You have a great view of the sunrise from you lookout, and open your eyes to watch the sun slowly creep over the horizon. Finally, as the sun rises all the way, you decide to head for the guild hall. You jump down from the tall tree, landing cat-like on the mossy forest floor. You walk slowly through the town, enjoying the day. Magnolia is just waking up, opening their shops and beginning to bustle about their day. You can smell the bakery in the distance, the delicious scents wafting through the air.

Arriving at Fairy Tail, you throw open the doors and enter. Not many wizards are here this early, but you know they will show up soon. You walk over to the counter, where Mira is busying herself with cleaning glasses and cooking breakfast.

"Good morning, Mira-san!" You greet cheerfully. Mira turns.

"Morning Y/N!" She smiles. "Would you like anything for breakfast?" You nod. Mira turns on her heel, walking away to get some food. She comes back with a plate full of eggs and bacon (sorry if you're vegetarian), with a slice of toast and some orange juice.

"Enjoy!" Mira says, smiling and heading back to her work. Feeling hungry from being up so early, you quickly wolf down your breakfast. When you finish, Mira comes and takes your plate away, cheerful as always.

"Thank you Mira!" You call as she walks away. You stand up and stretch, reaching for the ceiling and arching your back. The door burst open, and Natsu, Gray, Erza, Lucy and Happy walk in. You wave.

"Hey guys!" They run over to you, and you greet them with hugs and hi-fives. Mostly everyone is here by now. Everyone is talking and laughing, going about their business when Makarov enters and stands on the stage, clearing his throat.

"Now listen up, I have an announcement! This year we will be participating in the Grand Magic Games! The participants will be Natsu, Lucy, Gray, Erza, and Y/N!" Makarov announces. There is an excited murmur that passes through the crowd like an electric current through water as the information sunk in. You stand still, stunned but excited.

"When do we leave?" Erza asks curiously.

"This afternoon." Makarov informs. Everyone cheers, thrilled with the upcoming event. People begin chattering, discussing the Games. You hi-five your teammates, beaming.

"We'll do great! I know we will!" You cheer. Your friends all agree. You laugh, and walk over to the counter to buy drinks for yourself and your friends. Mira hands some to you, and you accept, thanking her. You run back to Natsu and the other, passing out drinks and talking excitedly about the upcoming Games.


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