XII: Coffee and... Well, Mostly Just Coffee

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     You wake up to your stomach dancing with butterflies. Why? Well, today is Thursday, that's why! You smile sleepily into your pillow. Glancing at the clock on the wall, you decide to get ready so you can get to Crocus just a bit early (and not be a vomiting mess after the train). You brush your teeth and hair, throw on a cute outfit, and even go so far as to put makeup and perfume on (gasp). You're much too excited to eat anything, but you force yourself to eat a piece of toast before you leave. Desert is coming with you; mostly because she wants to see Frosch and Lector.

     At the train station, you hesitate getting on the train. Vehicles are monsters straight from hell. Desert tugs on your hand, and you sigh, but board the train. As soon as it takes off, you vomit out the window; so much for that toast (not that it had been very good). Desert tries to soothe you and bring you things to drink, but you just continue being practically dead on the way to Crocus. Trains are evil.

     You finally make it to Crocus, and you exit through the window again (this is becoming a habit), Desert flying behind you. You smile, feeling better, and once again you are excited. The trip to Sabertooth seems to take almost no time at all. Pushing open the door, you step inside. A few people are in, and among them are Sting and Yukino. You walk over to greet them.

"Hey, how are you?" you grin, hugging them both.

"Well, now that my favorite sister's here, I'm good," Sting says. You roll your eyes.

"I'm your only sister." You turn to Yukino. "Are you guys going on your honeymoon soon?"

"We're leaving tomorrow afternoon," she says, smiling. She grabs your hand excitedly. "We're going to an island off the coast of Magnolia!" The two of you fangirl about it for a minute, catching up since you haven't really talked to each other in a while. She turns back to Sting to discuss plans. You look at the clock; it's 1:26 already?! You look around for Rogue; you probably ignored him while talking to Yukino. Frowning, you realise he's not in the guild hall. Were you supposed to meet him somewhere? You didn't think so.

After waiting for another 20 minutes, you walk over to Sting.

"Rogue was supposed to meet me here, right?" you ask. Sting looks at the clock and frowns.

"Yeah, that's what he said." He shrugs. "He'll be here soon, I'm sure."

By 2:33, you're angry. An hour and a half late for a date? Really, Rogue? You stand.

"I think I'm going to leave. Tell Rogue I went home... If he ever shows up," you tell Sting. You walk to the door. Before you get to it, it swings open. Rogue is out of breath.

"Sorry I'm late, I lost track of time." Your heart flutters at the sight of him, but you're really pissed. You want to yell at him and make him feel awful. But he's here now, right? You push aside your frustration, and smile.

"It's no problem. I'm glad you're here," you say. He grins at you.

"Good." The two of you stand there for a bit.

"So... Do you have a plan for our date?" you ask. He frowns.

"I thought you had an idea?" he says. Your anger is back. So he asks you on a date and then doesn't plan anything?! The nerve of this kid... You force a smile.

"Uhh, sure. How does coffee sound to you?" you offer. He beams broadly and nods.

"Sounds great!" The both of you take off, and Rogue holds your hand. He takes you to a coffee shop down the street from the train station. You could have just met him here, really. Oh well, whatever. He leads you into the shop, and you go up to the counter. He orders a peppermint cream latte, and you order [Favorite Drink]. The server goes to get your drinks. Rogue turns to you.

     "Let's go sit down." You take your drinks and go sit at a booth on the far side of the shop. You sit across from each other.

     "I'm glad you could make it. And I'm really sorry I was late; time just got away from me," he apologised. You smile, brushing it off.

     "Don't worry. I'm just glad you made it," you say. He holds your hand from across the table.

     "How was your job yesterday?" he asks. You tell him about it, down to the last detail that you can remember. You actually still feel pretty sore from yesterday, but you feel better since you're with Rogue.

     "I'm glad you're alright. That sounds dangerous! Maybe you shouldn't do something like that next time...," he says after listening to your story. Your face falls.

     "Look, you can't tell me what I can and can't do. I know my limits; I'm one of the strongest mages at Fairy Tail. I can do a lot more than that," you retort angrily. He puts his hands in the air.

     "I'm just saying I don't want you to get hurt. Be more careful next time." You huff in annoyance.

     "Whatever...," you mutter. You look at him. "Is there anything else we're going to do today?"

     "Umm, I didn't really plan anything," he shrugs. You've got to be kidding.

     "Well, how about we go back to the guild hall then?" you offer. He shrugs again.

     "Sure. Hey, do you mind paying? I left my wallet at home...," he says sheepishly. You take a deep breath, trying not to freak out at him even more.

     "Sure," you reply flatly. You take out 30 Jewel to pay for your drinks. You throw it on the table and stand.

     "Actually, I just remembered, I have to get back," you growl. You storm out of the coffee shop while Rogue calls after you. What a waste of an afternoon. So much for a nice date...

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