XV: Christmas!!!

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You wake up early, and run over to your window to see a light snow falling outside. It's finally snowing on Christmas! You smile, feeling like a child again for just a moment. Everything suddenly seems so magical. You scoop Desert into your arms, and she snuggles into them tiredly. You rub her head gently as she dozes in your hold.

Just as you try to decide what to make for breakfast, a knock comes from the door. You answer it cheerily. Erza, Lucy, Natsu, Gray and Happy all stand outside.

"Happy Christmas!" a chorus of voices greets as you wave your friends inside. You grin.

"Hey guys! Come in, come in, I was just going to make breakfast," you say, and they all pile into your house. You throw some oatmeal on the stove (you make sure it's enough to feed your crazy friends) and join them by the couch. They all have gifts for each other and you, and you giggle at their excitement. You grab their gifts from under your bed.

"Are we going to have breakfast first, or are we going to open gifts?" Lucy asks. Natsu and Happy vote to open presents first, but everyone else wants breakfast. You stir the oatmeal as it finishes cooking. You evenly put scoops of it into bowls for each of your friends, Desert and yourself. You bring the food over to where everyone is sitting, and they thank you. You turn on some holiday music to listen to as you eat breakfast together.

"How did I ever get such crazy, amazing friends?" you think to yourself, giggling as they argue over who has the best tasting oatmeal. You shake your head, taking another bite.

"We're going to the Magnolia Christmas parade later, right?" Gray asks. You nod.

"I was planning on it," you reply, and the others agree.

"We should go sledding!" Natsu exclaims suddenly, and you laugh.

"Definitely," you agree, and Lucy groans while the others cheer happily.

When you all finish your breakfast, you exchange gifts and open them eagerly. You get an enchanted sword from Erza (you'll probably never use it), a new skirt from Lucy, ice skates from Gray, a rock from Natsu (okay...?), a fish from Happy (what else were you expecting?), and a warm scarf from Desert. You love the gifts you got, and you're glad that your friends like the things you got them. You check the time.

"We better get going if we want to get good spots for the parade," you inform your friends, and you throw on your coat and boots, as well as a hat and gloves (it's pretty chilly out).

"But we're all still in our pajamas!" Lucy complains and you giggle.

"Exactly!" you cheer, and Erza and Natsu agree. Gray doesn't say anything (why should he care, he's always in his boxers anyway), but he laughs. Your friends slip on their coats, and you all head out to the Main Street.

     As you walk outside, you feel like a snow princess as glittering snowflakes cling to your eyelashes and gently kiss your cheeks and nose. You twirl in the snow, laughing happily.

     Arriving at the Main Street, your group wrestles its way near the street as the Christmas parade begins. You enjoy the festivities, and laugh at funny floats, oohing and aahing over the ones you think are the best. Glittering fairy lights line the crowded streets. People's misty breath rises into the air, lost into the snowy clouds. The parade ends with a display of fireworks, and everyone cheers.

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