XIV: Sweet Dreams

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You giggle as your dad throws you into the air. He spins you around and you laugh and squeal with joy. Your mum comes out onto the back deck, holding your newborn brother. You run over to her.

"Mummy, mummy, can I hold Sting?" you ask, grinning widely. She smiles down at you.

"Sure baby, come sit down," she says in a voice as rich and smooth as honey. You peacefully listen to her singsong voice as you walk over to the rocking chair on the porch. You adjust yourself into it and hold your little arms out for your mother to hand you the little baby. Your mother places him in your arms, and you smile down at him.

"Hi Sting," you coo at the boy, and he smiles up at you. He grabs your finger and holds on tightly. Nuzzling your nose to his, you giggle as his hair tickles your face.

     Thunder growls in the distance, and your mum, dad, and you all look towards the dark storm clouds. Your mum takes your brother as he starts to cry.

     "Get inside baby, supper's almost ready," she says, ushering you through the door. She follows you inside with your father close behind. The door closes, slamming shut with the wind. The power flickers out and your dad puts up a few light lacrimas in the house. You giggle as the rain pours outside and lightning flashes, thunder booming shortly after. Your family sits around the table to eat your mother's famous homemade soups. Sting still cries every time he hears thunder, but you feel happy as you laugh with your dad and your mother smiles at the two of you.

     "It's bedtime sweetie!" your mother calls to you as you play in the rain with your dad.

     "Aww," you groan. You love the rain, and you could play in it forever. You go inside, dry off, and get ready to sleep. Your parents tuck you into bed, and you doze off as your mother reads you a bedtime story.

     "I love you, Y/N..."


Thunder booms outside, and you awake with a start. You lay back on your bed, thinking about the dream you just had. You've never had that one before, but it made you happy. It was super early, but you couldn't sleep because of the euphoria from the dream. You check the clock; it's 6:43. Hopping out of bed, you decide to head to visit your brother.

     For once, you don't get sick on the train (probably because you aren't paying attention after your dream). You walk to the guild hall in Crocus (you kind of feel like you're floating) with Desert flying around your head. You take time to observe the city that's just waking up. It's not as cheery as Magnolia in the morning, but it's still nice. The sunrise is pretty. You arrive at the Sabertooth guild and push open the big wooden doors. Looking around, you see that you're one of the first to be there. Sting sees you in the doorway.

     "Y/N!" he calls cheerily, bounding over to you. You grin and pull him into a hug.

     "Hey, little brother," you smirk, and he pouts at the nickname.

     "Technically we're the same age, after Tenroujima...," he says, but you choose to ignore him. You'll always feel like his older sister. He smiles at you again. "What brings you here today?"

     "I just felt like visiting," you shrug. He nods.

     "Hey, I never got the chance to ask, how was your date with Rogue?"

     "Oh, it was fantastic," you scoff, rolling your eyes. Your brother gives you a confused look.

     "That bad, huh?" he asks. You shrug, crossing your arms.

     "He was an hour and a half late, he didn't make any plans, and then he had me pay for it. So yeah, that bad," you explain. Sting takes on an angry expression.

     "That little...," he growls, but you cut him off.

     "It's fine. I'm going to try again, I think," you say, and Sting raises an eyebrow at you. You shrug again. "I had a conversation with my cousins that made me change my mind," you explain. He nods.

     "Alright. But let me know if it happens again, and I'll beat the shit out of him...," he commands menacingly. You rolls your eyes, cracking a smile. Rogue walks in the door. He spots you talking to Sting and blanches. You walk over to him.

"Uhh... H-hey, Y/N," he greets, smiling nervously. You frown.

"Hey," you reply flatly. He rubs his arm.

"Umm... I'm sorry about the date...," he says. You scoff.


"I was just nervous and I wasn't thinking and I got distracted and I know I messed up and didn't mean to and-" he rambles. You cut him off.

"Yeah, you messed up. But..." He looks at you hopefully. You sigh.

"I'm willing to give you a second chance," you finish. His face lights up excitedly, and you almost think it's worth it just to see his adorable smile. You give him a small grin on return.

"I won't let you down this time, I promise, Y/N," he says. He runs off to talk to Sting (probably to tell him he doesn't have to kill him anymore), and you flop on one of the stools at the counter. You lay there with your head on the counter before feeling someone sit next to you. You look up, and smile.

"Hey Yukino," you say. She grins at you, seeming happier than usual.

"I see you and Rogue made up," she notices. You nod in reply. Clapping her hands, she jumps up.

"Yay! Now my OTP can be canon!" she cheers. You look at her, confused. What is she even talking about? You just shake your head and grin. Yukino sits next to you.

     "So, are you guys going to go on another date?" she asks. You shrug.

     "Maybe," you say casually. Rogue walks back over to you, and Yukino winks before saying she has to go talk to Sting.

     "So, umm," Rogue clears his throat, "I know Christmas is coming up, but would you like to go on another date with me soon?" he asks nervously, playing with his sleeve. You hesitate for a second, but then nod.

     "Alright. Another one can't hurt...," you reply. He smiles, and grabs your hand, giving it a kiss.

     "Until then, Y/N...," he smirks, walking away, leaving you as a blushing mess as the bar.


Another update for you, my dear readers! I hope you enjoy!

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