X: Oh, That Clever Boy

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"How was the wedding, Y/N?" Lucy asks, sitting down at the table with you. The rest of the group follows her. You smile at them.

"It was great! Sting and Yukino enjoyed it for sure. I thought it was fun," you say. As your friends sit down, you tell them about your time at Sabertooth for the wedding. Lucy and Erza ask you about every single detail, while Gray and Natsu and Happy just enjoy listening to the story and making fun of you. You roll your eyes when they tease you, but laugh nonetheless. You tell them about catching the bouquet at the end of the wedding, and they laugh.

"So you caught it by accident and then passed it off?" Lucy giggles.

"Yeah. I don't need a bouquet, so I might as well let someone else enjoy it."

"You know, they say that the person who catches the bouquet at a wedding is the next one to get married...," Gray smirks.

"Ha! Like that'll happen," you laugh. Mira brings drinks to you guys and you thank her. You guys drink and talk and laugh for a little while.

"It's been awhile since we were on a mission. I think we should choose one to do together!" Natsu suggests.

"That'd be fun! We should get out and do something. Besides, I think we could all use the money," Lucy agrees. The five (or 7, counting exceeds) of you go to the request board, looking for a good job to do.

     "This looks interesting..." Erza says, pulling a paper off the board. The job was to collect and deliver 300 pounds of water wyvern scales to a person in Clover. It doesn't seem all that great of a job, but then you see the payment.

     "50 MILLION Jewel??" you exclaim. That was a ton of money for some wyvern scales.

     "Let's do it!" Natsu cheers enthusiastically. The rest of your friends agree.

     "We'll go tomorrow so we can get ready today- it'll probably be quite a trip. Shouldn't take too long, but it'll take lots of energy." Gray says.

     "Sounds good. See you guys tomorrow!" you wave, heading home to rest and prepare; but not before making a quick stop...


Once again, you are at Sabertooth. You and Yukino are talking at one of the tables, but you have your eyes on a certain Dragonslayer talking to your brother in the corner. They keep their voices low, and even with your dragon ears, you can't tell what they're saying.

"I dunno. I mean, ever since your wedding, I can't stop thinking about her. I realized that I really liked her during that last dance..." Rogue says to Sting. Sting nods.

"Man, I've known you liked her before you did. It was really obvious," he replies. Rogue blushes.

"Was I... Really that obvious?" he asks. Sting rolls his eyes and nods.

"Well, do you think it'd be alright if I asked her out?" The two of them look over at you. You seem to be absorbed in your conversation with Yukino.

"Yeah. You should actually," Sting says. A shadow covers his eyes. "But if you break her heart, I WILL kill you. Got it?" Sting clarifies. Rogue nods, a sweat drop appearing on his head.

"No need for drastic measures, Sting."

Rogue and Sting walk over to the two of you.

"We're not interrupting, are we?" they inquire. You shake your head. Sting grabs Yukino by the hand.

"I need to borrow my beautiful wife for a moment. Excuse us." He leads her away, leaving you and Rogue alone. You stand and turn to him.

"What were you two talking about?" you ask. He blushes and rubs the back of his neck.

"Well, there's this girl I like. I was asking him if he thought she'd say yes if I asked her out. I'm just really nervous about asking her..." He trails off and looks at you. "Hey, maybe if I ask you! If I asked you to go out with me, what would you say?"

You laugh. "I'd say yes, dummy." You cover your mouth with your hands. You hadn't meant to tell him that... But then Rogue's face lights up.

"Perfect!" He grins at you. You look down.

"Feeling more confident now? You ready to go ask her?"

"I don't need to," he shakes his head. You look at Rogue, confused.

"What? Why not?" He grins sheepishly.

"Well, you see... She already said yes." He looks straight at you. Wha... Oh. Oh, that cunning boy (did he really just ask you out? Just like that?? What a stupid, dumb, clever, adorable, fantastic way to ask you out). "Will Thursday work? At around 1?"

"Sure, I can make that work..." you reply, blushing. He gives you a sweet hug (it's a little awkward... Your face is buried in his chest and he's... really warm... Nope. Time to stop). You push away with a light laugh.

"Well, I should probably get back to Magnolia... I told my friends I'd go on a mission with them, and I need to get back. See you Thursday!" You wave and motion for Desert to come. She waves goodbye to Lector and Frosch and flies away. The two of you walk to the train station (Uugh, noooooo) and board, then you tell her everything (frantically in sign language of course). Desert smiles broadly; she's really happy for you.

Even though you're excited for you're date with Rogue, that doesn't stop you from practically dying on the train. This time, the people sitting with you changed seats during the ride; they obviously didn't want to sit next to the vomiting dragonslayer (you couldn't blame them; it was awful). When you finally arrive in Magnolia, you drag yourself off the train (a few people ask if you need help, but you wave them away).

     Finally off of the vehicle, your motion sickness fades away quickly. With Desert flying alongside you, you practically float back to your flat with joy. You wish you weren't this excited, because you hate being so girly and giggly. Humming, you pack your bags without procrastinating this time. You make yourself some dinner (you'd finally decided to go out and get some groceries) and sit by your window, watching the sunset with Desert. Finally, as the last rays of light disappear beneath the horizon, you yawn. Shuffling to your bed, you snuggle under the covers with a smile on your face and a happy song in your head.


Oh my god, I'm so sorry for taking so long to update! This chapter was kind of rushed because I had so many requests to update, but I hope you like it anyway! I'll try to update more (yes, you can laugh because you all know that's a lie) but I'm really busy with school and work and sports and music and everything. I do have an idea for the next couple chapters though, so I'll hopefully get them done quickly! Thanks to everyone who offered their opinion last note!

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