XVII: Wow, Some Hangover

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     "Focus, Y/N, FOCUS! You cannot progress in your training without concentration!" [Dragon's Name] roars as you land, breathing heavily. You've been practicing combinations for the whole day, and you're completely exhausted.

     "Again," [D/N] states firmly. You jump into the air again, sloppily aiming a(n) [Element] Dragon Roar at your target, then flipping and hitting it weakly with a Wing Attack. You finish off the attack by missing the hit with your Iron Fist, then promptly collapsing to the ground.

     "I... C-can't!" you gasp, too tired to even push yourself off the ground. [D/N] shakes [his/her/their] head in disappointment, sighing heavily.

     "You're power will never grow if you don't push yourself, Y/N."

     You feel hot tears form behind your eyes. How could [D/N] not see how exhausted you were? You were trying so hard to train and grow, and you were pushing yourself every day. How were you supposed to train when you couldn't even stand?

     "Get up, Y/N. Again." You shake your head, tears running down your face.

"This is no time for rest," [D/N] growls forcefully. "Try again Y/N." You shake your head more.



     You snap up from laying your head on the table, looking around for whoever called your name. Everyone in the guild hall is passed out from the New Year party the night before. Or at least, you're assuming the night before. Knowing Fairy Tail, it could have been a few days (or 7 years, who knows?). Realising it had just been a dream, you take a deep breath and look around at the damage from the party.

     Natsu, Lucy, and Happy are sprawled out on a table near the back of the guild hall, Lucy's head on Natsu's chest while they both cuddled Happy. Gray is stripped down to his underwear (of course) and hanging halfway off another table, his head nearly hitting the ground. Erza is in about the same position you were in moments before: sitting on a bench, head resting on her folded arms which were placed on the table. Levy and Gajeel are cuddling in a corner (squee! <3) with Jet and Dray squashed as close to Levy as possible. The Strauss family is piled behind the bar, with Elfman snoring loudly. You giggle as you observe your guild mates.

     Finally, you turn to you side; your head had been resting on Rogue's shoulder, and his back was pressed to your side. You blush when you remember the kiss from the night before (once again, your assuming all this happened last night).

Carefully, you get up off the bench, trying not to disturb Rogue or your guild mates. You scribble a quick note about being back at your flat and stick it under Rogue's hand before gently picking up Desert and leaving.

As you walk through Magnolia, townspeople wave at you and thank you for the firework show last night (ha, you were right), and you return their thanks with a smile. You would do more, but you have a crazy headache from drinking so much and you can barely walk in a straight line. You finally make it to your flat and fill up a cup with water, throwing a tablet in it that fizzes and bubbles. You also down a few aspirins for your headache and close your eyes. Desert sets her little paw on your hand and you scratch behind her ears.

     "I think I'll lie down for a bit...," you mutter as you sign to Desert. You stand and head over to your bed, snuggling down beneath the covers. Desert nestles herself in your arms, and the two of you doze off.


     Blurry scenes and faces run through your head while you sleep.


     You wake to a soft but persistent knocking on your front door; well, that immediately crosses about twelve people off the list. Head still fuzzy from all the alcohol, you vaguely wonder who it could be as you carefully set Desert down on the bed and cross the room to the door. When you open it, you just about face palm at yourself for forgetting.

"Hey, Y/N...," Rogue says, standing (if slightly awkwardly) outside your door. You try to refrain from smiling, but ultimately fail.

"Hey Rogue," you answer, grinning as you step aside to let him in. The two of you stand there for a second, unsure of what to say or do (I mean, you could do him, but I think that's a bit sudden, don't you?). You walk over to the couch, and he follows, mimicking you as you sit down and cross your legs up on the sofa.

"Quite the party last night, yeah?" you ask, and he chuckles, shaking his head.

"Yeah, that was pretty cool. Some hangover this morning though, right?" That causes both of you to laugh slightly. You scoot a little closer to him.

"I have some stuff for that, if you want. Or I could try and make breakfast. Or we could just drink... I dunno, juice or something 'cause I think that's all I have in the fridge," you joke, sticking your tongue out at the kitchen to be funny. Rogue rolls his eyes when you do that, smiling slightly.

"I could go for a hangover remedy and some juice," he says, standing up and crossing to the kitchen. While he raids your fridge for something to drink, you pour him a glass of water and put another tablet in it. You slide it across the counter to him, and he catches it just before it falls off the edge. You pour yourself a glass of juice, then the two of you go back to sitting on the couch. Rogue groans as he sips both the drinks, alternating between them.

     "You really have that bad of a headache?" you ask, frowning slightly. He rubs his temples and nods, but looks over to you and meets your eyes.

     "It'll be fine later, it's just been a while since I've had that much to drink," he says. You grab the cups from his hands and set them on the coffee table beside the sofa. He whines, but you move closer to him.

     "Y'know, I've actually heard that making out is a pretty good remedy for a hangover," you say casually, and his eyebrows shoot up as he glances back to your face. You smirk slightly, staring back at him.

     "Oh yeah?"

     "Yeah. How about we find out?" you say. Then you wrap your arms around his neck.


Wow, so that was quite the filler chapter. But good news... I'm back! It's been forever, but I've been grounded and then super busy with school and all and transitioning into being an adult, so I haven't had time to write. But I've finally gotten around to updating! I know this chapter's a little slow, but I hope you enjoy it! Also I hope to be updating more from now on. Love you all!

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