I love you Josh Dun

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edit 3/14/17 : my writing gets 10 times better if you just keep reading but this is really not that great so don't judge my book based off this one chapter okay love you xx

Tyler looked in the length mirror before going out to the stage.

How could someone be this hideous.

He felt a single tear roll down his cheek, but quickly wiped it away.

They can't see you like this. They can't see what a mess you are, Tyler Joseph.

I am not a mess. I am perfectly fine.

No Tyler Joseph, you are worthless, you are a freak. No one loves you.

Josh loves me.


Tyler heard josh begin  to walk in the room. He quickly wiped his face and started to put the black paint on his neck and hands.

"Hey Babe" josh walked behind him and pressed light kisses to his neck.
Tyler didn't say anything and josh was worried. He shuffled to the front of him, and his eyes immediately filled with concern.

"Oh my god Tyler what-"
"Why do you love me josh?" Tyler interrupted him, tears streaming down his face.
"Ty, why wouldn't I?" At this point Josh was holding to his chest, Tyler feeling empty.
"I'm disgusting. I'm a mess. I'm 27 year old man and I'm crying like a little baby."
"No Tyler you are none of those things. I love you to the moon and back and you are the most beautiful boy I have ever seen in my life. If anyone thinks other wise they have to be insane. You are Tyler Robert Joseph, the legend. I don't know who makes you feel this way or what makes you feel this way, but whatever it is, it's lying Tyler. "

"J-josh the voices are back. They're telling me all these things and I can't get them out of my head."

"I'll do anything to help you ty. I love you so much I don't won't you to feel this way ever." Josh gave a soft kiss to Tyler's lips and hugged him tightly.

"I love you Baby boy "
"I love you josh dun"
And there we have it. My first fluff one-shot. This book won't be on schedule, I'll just post when ever I have an idea that pops in my head.   I think this will be a hit.

Stay Alive Frens xx

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