Chapter 22

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Summary (requested by beautiful-mistake45)
At the age of fourteen, Ember Morrison was invited to attend Elemental Academy, where students learn how to harness their abilities to wield their elements. On her first day, Ember made her first friend, Dione Valdez, who also has "crazy hair" and coloured eyes, just like herself. During the simulation, Ember discovers that she is special, not being to wield one element, but two! She later meets her new roommate, Sarah Dale, and both of them head to dinner meeting Dione and her roommate, Neva Austin. At dinner, Ember saw two boys, crushing on one of them, whom later was found out to be Neva's Brother.

After dinner, Ember heads to the principal's office, where she learns that she will be taking daily classes for her second element, Lightning. She later overhears an important conversation on her way out and was knocked unconscious and had the memory of the conversation removed from her.

Ember wakes up the next day to being soaked by Dione. Deciding to join in the fun, she performs a fire trick, scaring all three of them. Her lessons went by smoothly, despite discovering Tania, a bully from her old school was not only in her element, but also having multiple classes with her. During Basic Fire Skills, she helps Lucas Horton, a boy who seems to be having trouble with his element. After ending her lessons for the day, Ember proceeds to her extra class for her second elements with help from Principal White, who was in her mind. It turns out that she was almost as good as Lightning as she was for Fire. 

Ember later returns to Dione and Neva's room, where they had all decided to crash at for a movie. What she did not expect was the three of them waiting at the doorstep for her, demanding to know where she has been. Principal White's presence enters Ember's mind and offers her two options to escape her situation which she has gotten herself into. The first option being to erase the past 30 min of their memory or option two which is to insert the most probable fake memory of Ember telling them where she had gone.
~ End of the Summary ~

My response was immediate. Option 2. Looking at my friends, I definitely did not want to erase 30 minutes of whatever fun they had. Plus, what could possibly go wrong with a small memory inserted? Option 2 it is.

I immediately tensed up as my friends seem to have blank out, their posture becoming momentarily rigid. Principal White was definitely doing her magic. Done. See you tomorrow at the same time. Principal White said as her presence left me. I stood in the hallway for a full minute, thoughts running through my head. Are my friends okay? Will they be okay? Why aren't they talking? They still seem to be blanking out? Please tell me this is normal... oh my gosh it isn't is it? Oh wait...what memory has been placed into their minds? Nothing bad please? Oh my gosh this is nerve-wrecking. This is the most stressful minute of my life. Oh no it's been a minute. Are they okay? Oh my gosh! What do I do? Ahhhhhh!!!

"Did the tutoring with Fire boy go that bad?" Sarah asked, her voice lacing with concern, breaking me out of my train of thoughts.

"Huh?" I blushed lightly at that. I can't believe of all possibilities, Principal White just had to chose that one. Oh my gosh. But hey, at least they are fine. Wait. How did they know? Unless...oh my gosh...Principal White inserted a whole conversation of me telling them about what happened during Basic Skills Fire...

"Don't worry, we know that you sneaked away to meet that fire boy." Neva smirked suggestively.

"What? No!" The response from the other was immediately met with tons of squeals.

"Anyways, have y'all done your homework yet?" I instantly attempted a desperate to change the topic.

"Yep!" "Yeah." "Uhh..." The last response was from Neva, who was looking down sheepishly.

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