Chapter 13

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I was finally able to divert of focus of that disgusting internal conversation over to the map I pulled out of my pocket. I studied the map for a moment and somehow some way found my way towards the staff room. It took me a while but I have arrived on time. I entered the staff room, expecting to see teachers, but there was not a single soul in sight. Weird. I ignored that fact and headed straight for the Principal's office. I suddenly got nervous. My palms were clammy and my legs turned to jelly. Come on Ember. Just knock. I breathed in and breathed out. I raised my hand up, shaking and nodded on the wooden door.

"Come in." I heard the principal say. Come on you can do this. I raised my sweaty and shaky hand up and gripped the handle, slowly and shakily turned the knobbed and pushed it open. I walked in slowly, and closed the door behind me. That was when the principal looked up. I greeted her with a bow and a good evening. But I saw that she was in a shocked state, staring at my eyes and my hair, her eyes darting between the two. I blushed heavily, embarrassed by it.

"Sorry." I said, looking at the nice floor.

"No no. It's okay. Where are my manners? Come Ember, sit down." She pointed towards the chair in front of her. The only thing separating the chair and her is a desk. I nervously walked forward and sat down in the chair.

"Ember, is your hair and eyes...natural? As in have always been like this? Ever since birth." She asked me curiously. I nodded, trying not to blush and make myself look awkward.

"Have you told anyone about your elements yet?" She asked me, studying me curiously. I shook my head in reply. She smiled.

"Good. Now since you have two elements, you'll be having your fire classes during the normal ours as said in your schedule. You'll be having extra lightning classes after school daily from 2.30-3.30pm. It'll be personal training with another teacher, whom will be aware of your status." She informed me. I nodded, taking the information in.

"Also, don't use your lightning element outside of your lightning class until I or your teacher has given you the permission to do so. Understand?" She checks with me. I nodded, too afraid and nervous to reply.

"Good, your dismissed. Have fun on your first day in class!" She says as she stood up and packs her stuff, waving at me. I finally smiled at her and got up and out of the room. I noticed that she had also left the office through another door in her office. I ignored that fact and headed out of the staff room.

On the way out, I passed by a room that is lighted and had frosted window. I could hear hush whispers in the room. Must have been all the teachers in there. Suddenly, I heard the principal greet all the teachers in that room. My curiosity piqued and I decided to put my ear in the door, listening out for what they are saying. I shouldn't be doing this, but my curiosity got the better of me.

"Is it true that the youngest have arrive?" Someone asked.

"Yes." The principal answered. There was a sudden increase in the amount of murmurs and whispers.

"We have until the youngest reaches age of sixteen before the full war starts, which means 2 years." Someone says.

"We need to identify them."

"It isn't that hard to identify them. They stand out. Really."

"Yeah. It's pretty easy to tell. And we can easily double check by putting them into the same room. Their marks would appear. So that matter should be settled."

"I believe the first place they'll attack is the school, I'm afraid. This would be so that The Five can easily be eliminated. This will also stop anyone else from learning elements."

"I'm afraid that we are not alone. There's someone outside listening. I can feel it."

Hearing that, I backed away from the door, terrified of what they are going to do to me. Suddenly, my head started to hurt and the vision around me blurred, and turned really fuzzy. I collapsed onto the floor with a loud thump. The scene around me started to fade and I could only hear voices.

"Erase her memory."

"That's her isn't it."


"Let's lock up the memory until it is triggered int he future."

That was the last thing I heard before blacking out entirely.

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