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Hey guys! Firstly, I'll be continuously updating this chapter to add some questions to know about your preferences. Every time I update, I'll leave a new exclamation mark in this part's title, to avoid spamming everyone's notifications, unless y'all prefer I add a new chapter? Comment below! Now on to the update!

Update 1: Thanks to everyone's support and encouragement, I will do my best to rewrite it! If everything goes accordingly to plan, I will most probably publish the first chapter of the book before the end of December this year, as I am trying to complete the series as much as I can first. Now comes the next problem. I am planning around a 6-7 books series. Should I publish the book individually as separate wattpad books, or combine them all into one? This is for you guys' convenience so do comment your preferred choice! Thanks!

Update 2: ahhhhh still in the process of drafting, but the rough idea of book 1 is done, and I'll be writing as much as I can now!! The prologue is in the process of reviewing along with chapter 1!! and chapter 2 is half written at the moment!! just curious, will you guys prefer lesser but longer chapters or more short chapters? The content will remain the same, but it's more about splitting them in this case...so yeah comment below! Thank you guys so much for all your support! I'll do my best to publish the book around Christmas!! A nice treat for you guys ;)

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