Chapter 2

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I was stunned. I am only fourteen! It is said that they will only allow students to enter the school when they feel that their element have surfaced. Most students would only start going for their school at the age of fifteen or sixteen because that is usual time for their elements to resurface. But I am only fourteen! Does that mean my element surfaced early? I heard that it is not very common. Only about 50 students each year go to Elemental Academy at the age of fourteen. Oh my gosh! This is so cool! What will element be? Will it be Air like Mom? Or Fire like Dad?

"I know you have a lot of thoughts and questions running through your head. But now would be a great time to pack. Remember school starts tomorrow. Oh, and here" My Mom says coolly as she handed me a letter. The letter looked slightly old and yellow and had my name and address on it. I flipped it around and noticed that it had been opened. Who had opened it? Oh wait, my Mom would have opened it to know of the wonderful news. It took out the nicely folded sheet of paper that read:

Dear Ember Morrison,

Congratulations! We are pleased to inform you have been accepted at the age of fourteen to Elemental Academy.
Please report to the school the next Monday at 9am with your necessary belongings as you would be staying at the
boarding school till next Summer.

Yours sincerely,
Elemental Academy

Oh my gosh! I actually really made it in! I lowered the letter, my face still shocked but happy at the same time.

"Come on Ember, we need to pack your luggage." My Mom says, forcing me to put down the letter and dragging me by the hand to my room.

"Mom... We don't even know what to pack!" I groaned.

"I do, assuming the school hasn't changed at all. Remember I went there for first year when I was sixteen?" My Mom went on and on and on about what she did during her first year as she stuffed clothes into my luggage for the next two hours.

"That's about it!" My Mom says as we stuff my phone charger in.

"Wait! Don't close it yet!" My mom suddenly screams as I was about to close the luggage. She then leaves the room and returns with a red dress in her hand.

"For the prom every year!" She says as she hands it to me. I groaned. I am never ever going to wear that dress, in fact any dress. Who cares about the prom! Maybe it's only for sixteen and above. I'm probably too young to attend anyways.

"Why is it red?" I grumbled.

"Well, because it number one, matches your hair. Number two it matches your element." My Mom explains.

"What? My element?" I asked, confused at how should could possibly know my element.

"I'm just guessing." My Mom puts her hands up surrendering to my question.

"Fine." I said. My Mom immediately smiles at puts the dress into the luggage with all my other clothes and stuff.

"We're done!" My Mom says. I nodded my head in agreement. Tomorrow I'm going to a school, where I would discover my element and learn how to control it. Tomorrow my life is going to change.

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