Chapter 17

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Hey guys! Sorry for not updating in a long long long time. I was fairly busy with my life. But anyways here's the chapter! (I know it's short and I'm sorry.)
English. English. English. English is my next lesson, and my first lesson alone without any of my new friends. I managed to enter the classroom without detection. The setting was just the same as Elemental History, with all the girls crowding in the front around... Tania. I took the seat next to the window and two rows from the teachers table, deep in thought. Why is she in the same class as me again? Isn't one class with her enough? The teacher walked in, causing everyone to scramble for the seats. Why are we having English classes in Elemental Academy? Perhaps they still want us to be able to communicate well?

"I know that you are all curious as to why we have English classes in Elemental Academy." She reads my mind.

"English class in this case is not like your typical English class. It is more like Elemental Knowledge, Weaponry Knowledge, and Hands-on Weapon Creation. You will be graded on all three of course. Now, Elemental Knowledge happens every Tuesday and Friday, while Weaponry Knowledge occurs every Monday and Thursday. You will be allowed to create your own weapon tomorrow, but you will have to form groups and create it out of your elements. I shall save the explanation and instructions for tomorrow." The teacher later goes on about the different elements, starting with Air. "English" class was quite interesting as we get to know more about the different elements. I mean it's interesting right? Or at least I found it interesting. I somehow took down some notes on how it feels like being an Air Elemental. They could do quite cool stuff, such as lifting objects, and moving them around for starters. They would use the air to push the objects in the direction that they want them to move in.

"Ring..." There goes the bell. Time flies when you are having fun, or in this case, enjoying class. I mean it wasn't that bad.

"So your homework will be to write an essay for Air Elementals, how it feels like having Air as your element, now that you have learnt more about yourself. And as for the others, write about how you would feel as an Air Elemental. Class dismissed." She finishes, as everyone charges out of the classroom.  I packed up my belongings and walk out of the classroom thinking of what to write. Next lesson would be Basic Fire Skills. I am so excited! I can't wait for it. Off I go to the most exciting class! Well, at least I think and hope it is.

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