Chapter 8

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My eyes slowly flickered open. I sat up slowly groaning eternally, letting my eyes adjust back to the darkness of the room. For that second, I could not even see a thing, because of the bright red light. The simulation room was too bright compared to the room that I am currently in and it soo does not help peoples' eyes if you return to a dark room immediately, only to feel totally blind.

After a moment of awkward silence or so, my eyes finally adjusted to the lighting, only to be greeted by Principal White's shocked face. Her eyes were as wide as saucepans and her mouth was hanging wide open. Her face seemed do pale that it seemed as though it was glowing in the darkness. I can't actually blame her though. I feel the exact same way. Shocked. Stunned. Scared. Afraid. Worried. Terrified. Petrified. Amazed. Another round of awkward and stunned silence fell on us. I just stared at her and she just stared at me, with her mouth still agape. At the same time, I couldn't help but find the sight before my eyes slightly amusing. I mean not everyday you catch your principal in a shocked state.

"Ember, tell no one, not even your Mother about this. If anybody ever asks what your element is, just say your element is Fire, as you have desired." Principal White says regaining her cool, after a long while.

"Why?" I asked curiously. Why can't anyone know? People might be able to help me out. Is this a bad thing?

"We both know it's not normal. Let's keep it a secret for now." Principal White calmly explains. I nodded in return, understanding the confusion we both share.

"You may leave." She states, writing something down onto her notebook. I started towards the door in the other end.

"Also, meet me in my office at 8pm after your dinner. Remember tell no one about it." She says, just as I grab the door knot. She looks back down onto her book, and I opened the door.

Why do I have to see her? What did I do wrong? It's because of my elements is it? It must be. Am I in danger? Or am I the danger? What's going to happen to me? Thoughts ran through my head at the speed of light, filling it up with questions that had to be answered later at 8pm. I exited the room, only to be greeted by another teacher who was seating behind a desk.

"Name?" She asks.

"Ember Morrison." I answered.






"Fire." I said, listening to the Principal's words. I felt bad for having to lie and possibly lie for the rest of my life, but there was nothing I could do about it.

"Thank you and welcome to Elemental Academy! Here's the map of the school and the card to your dorm." She says, as she hands me a thick piece of paper and a card with the number 124 on it.

"Thank you!" I thanked her.

"No problem. Follow the map to the girls dorm and from there, you should be able to find your room. There will be seniors at the dorm's common room. You'll have to go through there, so don't worry!" She gives me a warm smile. I smiled in return, completely forgetting about what had happened in the simulation just a minute ago.

"Oh, and here's your schedule. Also, to add on, there's Survival every Saturday morning from 10am to 12 noon. Good luck!" She says. I thanked her again, and stuffed all these items into my pocket, deciding that I did not need it yet. Once again, I headed out into the confusing halls, with the fear of getting lost.

I took out the map from my pocket to examine the place. Okay. To go to the dorms, I need to turn left, then right, then go straight and the take the second turn on the left. Okay. I stuffed the map back into my pocket.

"Left, right, second left." I kept mumbling to myself, clearly not wanting to get lost in these halls again.

I turned left, then right and then the second left, stopping in front a large red door. I pushed it open. There it was. I found it. I found the girls common room. I actually found it! And I didn't get lost! I felt slightly proud at not getting lost and then embarrassed at the thought.

The common room was a huge room with a lot of sofas, armrests, and bean bags. It looked so cool and comfortable. It was quite noisy in there as well. There was so many girls just chilling on the sofa chatting, and when I entered, none paid attention to me. I sighed in relief. Attention is the last thing I wanted. I did not want to get bullied again. The place looked so grand and cool and amazing. It was so colourful and welcoming. It could just spend my entire life in this room admiring it.

There was a gigantic television for watching the movie and couple of couches surrounding it, full of students. There were even some with no seats, resulting in sitting on the floor. There was also an area with all the different gaming consoles there, with a variety of games, possibly even all! The school sure is rich! I love the place! I can't believe I can live here! There was also lots of paintings hang around the room. The paintings were pretty amazing as well. You got to say that they sure do know how to treat girls.

I decided that I'll come back here later, but I need to go find out where my room is first. I headed towards the staircase, and read the directions next to it. So my room is on this level, on my left. I turned my head to the left and saw a really really long corridor that never seemed to end. While walking down this corridor, I noticed that all the even numbers were on my right hand side. I kept an eye out for the number 124. Soon enough, it was the twelfth door. I was about to tap the card, only finding that the door is unlocked with it slightly open with some ruffling noise behind it. I pushed the door open fully, stomach filled with butterflies.

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