Chapter 9

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I push the door open slowly and fully, creaking as it opens, but the person inside had not notice me yet. I slipped off my shoes! And placed it with the other pair. I could see the girl ruffling through a luggage on the floor, mumbling and cursing. I took a deep breath and stepped in, shutting the door behind me quietly. I saw my luggage on the right hand side of the room. Focussing on only getting to the luggage quietly, without interrupting my roommate, I totally ignored my surroundings. I tiptoed with my head turned, focusing on my roommate only. I slowly crept towards my luggage at the corner, hoping to not be noticed.

Suddenly, I stepped on something that I had not notice on the floor, resulting me in slipping and landing on the floor with a loud thud. So much for being quiet.

"Oh My God! I'm so sorry! Are you okay?" I sat up, only to see a girl with brown hair running towards me. Her eyes met mine and she gasps. I blushed and looked down onto the floor. Very quickly, the awkward silence was over, when I saw her hold her hand out to me. I took it gratefully, as she pulls me to my feet. She smiled at me and I couldn't help but smile back.

"Sorry about that, I was looking for something, and sort of accidentally, threw my clothes around our living room. My name is Sarah." She says.

"It's okay. I'm Ember." I replied shyly.

"Umm what's with your eyes and hair? If you don't mind me asking that is." Sarah asks curiously.

"I don't know it has been like this since birth." I blushed.

"Oh. Umm so I guess we are roommate huh?" She says awkwardly.

"Umm yeah." I replied, with an awkward silence again.

"So which of the rooms am I taking? I want to uh settle my stuff in." I asked shyly.

"Oh, that one. I think were grouped based on elements, so we don't just stick with our own elements." She explains, pointing to a red door.

"By the way, what is your element? Fire right? I'm Air." She says. I nodded in response, remembering the Principal's words.

"Can tell by your door." She pointed at hers. It was sky blue, while mine was Scarlett red. I still think mine looks better.

"Oh. I'll go umm pack my stuff now then..." I mumble. After that, I went to grab my luggage and went into my room, locking the door behind me. What a way to make a first impression to my roommate. I looked around my room and gasped. It was huge! There was a queen size bed in the middle of the room, and a large panel window next to it. There was also a bedside table, with a lamp. Facing the window, there was a study table, full of the necessary textbooks needed. There was also a huge closet near the door. This is my room?! The place is so spacious it's practically the size of my whole house! All the furniture looked so clean and new. They were red and orange furniture that just looked so beautiful! This room is heaven! How I wish I could live here forever!

I walked around the room, sliding my hands over every possible furniture to get a feel of where I'll be living for for the next nine months. It was awesome. I finally went back to my luggage and started sorting my clothes out. I opened the closet, only to see my school uniform neatly hanging up inside. I hang up the red dress that my Mother had handed me last minute and some of my other clothes as well. When I finished unpacking my luggage, I looked into the closet, only to find it still quite empty. I don't have that many clothes anyways. I took out the uniform and examined it. It was just a normal red shirt and jeans. I looked at its tags, curious at made it so special, that have to be our uniform and not any other ordinary red shirt. It was fireproof! No wonder! My school uniform were fire proof! That explains why! I grabbed my black hoodie that I often wore in my previous school, before heading out of my room. I wore that hoodie to hide my hair from everyone, so as to not be laughed at.

I walked towards the living room, deciding to check it out. There was a black and comfy sofa along with a television, though not as big as the one in the common room. There was also a small table where it seemed full of Sarah's stuff. I chuckled in amusement. I walked towards the kitchen, it looked so grand, only one problem. I can't cook. I decided to look into the fridge to see if I could grab something to eat. Before I could even open it, I heard stuff tumbling, coming in the direction of Sarah's room. I headed towards the direction, curious at the cause of the noise.

The moment I stepped in, my jaw dropped. All on the floor were boxes of shoes, and her closet was too full and cannot the closed. She also had another two more packed luggages leaning on the wall nearby. She sure had a lot of belongings. She was lying on the floor with boxes all piling up on top of her. She was cursing throughout. Looking at her state, I burst into a laughing fit. She noticed me, and laughed along with me.

"How can you have so much stuff?" I managed to ask in between laughs.

"I don't know? Isn't this an average amount? How much do you have?" She asks me, I tried to pull a straight face and brought her into my room. Her jaw dropped at my closet. It was practically empty. Her face paled, and I burst into laughter again. Her expression was priceless. I decided to go help her pack her stuff, trying to fit them all into the closet, but some ended up on the floor in her room, and some int he living room. I was giggling all the way as we were packing.

Soon enough we were done. We sat on the sofa and when we look at each other, we started laughing again.

"So what's your schedule for tomorrow?" She asks me, wiping a tear of joy from her eye. I had totally forgotten about it. I took it out of my pocket, and carefully unfolded it. It read:

7am-8am Breakfast (cafeteria)
8am-9am Elemental History (Classroom 1-06)
9am-10am Sparring (Training Room 1-12)
10am-11am English (Classroom 1-02)
11am-12noon Beginner Skills Fire (Fire Training Room 1)
12am-1pm Lunch (cafeteria)
1pm-2pm PE (Training Room 6)

Sarah showed me hers:

7am-8am Breakfast (cafeteria)
8am-9am Elemental History (Classroom 1-06)
9am-10am English (Classroom 1-03)
10am-11am Beginner Skills Air (Air Training Room 1)
11am-12noon Sparring (Training Room 1-10)
12am-1pm Lunch (cafeteria)
1pm-2pm PE (Training Room 6)

"Yes! We have Elemental History and PE together!" Sarah squeals. I nod in agreement. It is good to have someone you know in the same classes as you. 

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