Chapter 10

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"Students, the trials for the year ones are done. You may now proceed to the cafeteria for lunch." The speakers boomed. Come to mention it, I am pretty hungry. My stomach grumbled, agreeing. Sarah laughed at me and I blushed in response.

"Come on. Let's go eat!" Sarah says, as we get up and prepare to leave the room. I was about to put on my black hoodie, but Sarah frowned at it, saying that it wasn't a cold day. Too hungry to explain, I left it by the sofa, as we headed out of the room.

We walked through the confusing halls, following some of the other girls, in order to get to the cafeteria. Along the way, I had received a lot of raised eye brows because of my hair. I kept my eyes on the floor, blushing all the way. I totally regretted not bring my black hoodie. It would've helped hide my hair with the hood on. Sarah must've noticed it because she was giggling the whole time at my reaction and tried to chat with me, taking my mind of my surrounding. It wasn't of much help, but I appreciated it deeply. Although most people were talking to their friends, there were some of them, who would just glance at me. I know because I could feel eyes on me as I walked, and there were also some whispers.

"Cheer up! We are here!" Sarah squeals a bit too loudly, earning a couple of glares, but they resumed their own conversations a second later. I looked up, only to see a quite packed cafeteria and a really really long queue. I groaned, knowing that I had to wait a long while before I could eat. Sarah chuckled in response, clearly amused at my reaction. We joined the back of the queue and I noticed a familiar person sitting down. As in, I spotted her hair. It was black with dark blue streaks? It was Dione. It wasn't that hard to spot her though. I mean it is pretty easy to spot people especially when their hair stand out right? She was sitting down and chatting to another girl, whom I guess is her roommate.

My attention went back to the food that I wanted to order. Hmmm what should I eat? Everything looks good. The queue moved very quickly, and soon it was my turn. I took a plate of spaghetti and a cup of Apple juice. I turned around to see that Sarah had also taken her food, and was scanning the place for a seat to eat. I made eye contact, telling her to follow me. I made my way over to the far corner of the cafeteria, where Dione was seated. I took the seat opposite her and her roommate at the same table.

"Hey Ember. What brings you over?" Dione asks.

"Why can't I sit here?" I pouted. Before Dione could answer, Sarah finally caught up and sat next to me.

"Why are you so fast?" Sarah grumbled. That was when I noticed Dione's roommate was looking up at me, with her mouth wide open. I blushed. Sarah looked up at Dione and gasps. Dione started laughing. The two of them had the same reaction, and I couldn't help but laugh along, forgetting my shyness for a moment. Their mouths were open and their eyes were pretty huge. You have got to admit, their reactions were pretty hilarious, especially when there's two of the same reaction, which make it twice as funny.

"You guys look so funny gawking." Dione managed to day before bursting out into another fit of laughter. I did the same thing.

"Come on, let's do a quick round of intro." Dione finally says, wiping the tears that had formed from the laughter.

"Hi! I'm Dione. My element is Water. I'm Year 1 and I'm 15." Dione says.

"I'm Neva. My element is Air. I'm Year 1 and I'm 15." The girl with black hair explains.

"Really? That's so cool! I'm Air too!" Sarah squeals. I nudged her slightly, reminding her that they don't even know her yet.

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