Give Me a Break!

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She just couldn't understand it.

What was wrong with him?

She'd asked a question and the teacher ignored her---turned away and answered that young girl's question instead!

She got up and left the class...


She arrived home; exited the car; said, "Good evening", to the driver; and, approached the villa's front door.

She stopped on the veranda, turned back to the long driveway, unslung her camera, and snapped a shot of the Sun disappearing behind the front gates.

She said to the trees, "Maybe I don't need the class---I'm more than likely a naturally artistic photographer."


She was a 65-year-old widow, incredibly lonely, and not given to soliciting other's opinions.

She stayed away from the school for a month, solicited opinions from her friends (all three of them quite shocked she'd even asked), and decided she'd give that rude instructor one more chance...


Armed with her camera's memory card, she stopped at the instructor's desk, just moments before his always punctual 4:10 beginning of class, and said:

"Take a look at these, I'll collect them next week."

She pivoted and left...


The following week, she arrived (again, just moments before the class began) walked up to the instructor's desk, and said:

"What did you think?"

"About what?"

"The photos I left with you..."

"Oh, those..."


"I think they're sufficient proof that you desperately need this class."

She stormed to the door, turned, and said:

"Where do you get off telling me what I need and don't need? I am abandoning you to your petty pursuits and will mail you copies of the publications that will carry my photos."

She slammed the door---very hard...


The instructor faced his class of stunned students.

He held each of their stares in turn.

Finally, he said:

"You all may, at some point in your careers, develop an attitude about your supposed talents. If you're now harboring delusions of innate superb talent; please, go earn as much money as that woman has, then come back and ask me what I think.

"And, in case you think I was too harsh with her, do, please, remember, she didn't even think to retrieve her memory card."


Her three friends, after a week of listening to tedious harangues about the "idiotic instructor", abandoned their esteemed role as friends and enrolled in the man's class...


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