What Is Youth?

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"You can't go in there."


"It's for adult patrons."

"What if I prove I have 'adult' sensibilities when it comes to those displays?"

"I'm sorry, you can't go in there."

Tina had tried this with every guard the museum stationed at the entrance to the latest show.

She thought it was time to get the authorities involved...


It took her a month of steady persistence to wrangle an interview with the Director of the museum.

She dressed as she always did---fashionable skirt and blouse, with flats and clashing socks.

She had to wait a half hour in the secretary's area, so she urged her social network pipelines to increase their emails---two or three people in each group---each sending to the people in charge of various departments of the museum (each using multiple email accounts...)---demanding attention be turned toward the age restrictions of the museum...

The secretary had been called into the Director's office three times, which Tina was sure were "surveillance" runs...

Finally, she was ushered in...

"Hello, Mr. Ashwood."

"Uh... Hello, Tina... Uh..."

"Thought I'd be older?"

"Well, yes---twenty or so..."

"I'm fifteen."

"Well, my goodness! Why did you ever think I'd consider---"

"Mr. Ashwood?"

"Uh... yes?"

"I have a proposal."

"Well, young lady, first, I think you should consider stopping all those emails to my staff..."

"Is it illegal?"

"Well, no; but, it's just not proper form..."

"Sir, my proposal is that you permit a younger person's parents to vouch for their ability to deal with what you consider 'adult' art."



"Yes... That seems rational---yet, still---public opinion..."

"What about the opinions of that part of the public who will grow into adulthood and potentially become patrons of your museum?"




"Shall I take that as your agreement to my proposal?"

"...you stop the emails and I'll institute the new policy..."



"Would you also consider a few new activities in your life that would make you feel young again?"


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