Who's Your Guru?

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Adam was mind-blastingly excited---he'd been granted an audience with an up-and-coming Guru, potentially leading to a viral Internet article that would firmly establish him as Important.

He had to use every bit of his journalistic experience to corral his thoughts into the proper bounds---away from his potential fame and toward the job ahead...

Not many folks knew about the Guru, who insisted on being called Joe; but, certain sources Adam knew (sources he would richly reward) had claimed the guy was incredible...

Adam had learned that the man was of Vietnamese birth, from an incredibly wealthy family (which he'd disowned); and, his move to Scotland had happened along with his assumption of the name Joe.

Adam had lined-up a number of people who'd attended sessions with Joe to get their feelings and thoughts before he had his own audience, in what he'd learned was an extremely upscale hotel in Aberdeen.

The trip to Scotland from the United States was an exercise in calming down---getting back to the journalistic roots Adam had acquired over the last twenty years.

His slow climb to the top seemed as if it was about to get a huge boost...


Once in Aberdeen, he interviewed the folks who'd met with Joe.

Basically, they all agreed that Joe was "Phenomenal", "Amazing", "Incredible", and, most important to Adam, "Accurate".

He'd asked them all what exactly "accurate" meant and he got variations on the theme, "told me exactly what I needed to hear."

Adam was sure Joe had researched him, too---made sure the journalist selected for the audience would give him the best boost in his own guru-like endeavors; but, Adam felt strongly that he had to cover the story, find the truth, and avoid being a patsy for a greedy guru...


The audience happened on a rainy day in the posh rooms Joe was staying in, undoubtedly due to the proceeds from his followers, since he'd disowned his wealthy family.

Adam was in process of admiring the highly polished wood and the finely textured wall covering along with the stunning chandelier when Joe appeared in the doorway, paused, then walked over and sat down opposite Adam (with no handshake...)---his very ordinary clothing was striking in contradiction of Adam's expectations---sweatshirt, jeans, and running shoes.

Joe spoke: "Welcome and please forgive me for making you wait---there were folks to attend to."

Adam detected a slight accent but knew that most people would think the man was an American.

Joe continued with: "Will you have some refreshment?"

"Ah, no, thanks; would love to get down to work."

"As you wish---your questions?"

"What makes you qualified as a guru?"

"Me? A guru?"

"This is what everyone I've spoken with calls you..."

"Hmmm... I suppose it's an understandable mistake since what I tell them seems to help them so much..."

"What would you call yourself?"

"I'm a free-lance counsellor who only asks people to pay me when they feel my advice is worth something. It pays the bills and lets me help others."

"I assume this place is paid for out of what your followers give you?"

"This residence is a gift from one of the people I advise."

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