Who's In Charge Here?

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State-run News Headquarters:

"The rallies being held are not productive of tranquil conditions for the Capital..."

Opposition WebSite:

"The government is using fancy words to hide their corruption..."

Message from the National Unity Group:

"We regret the insincere actions of the Government and abhor the violent nature of the rallies..."

State-run News Headquarters:

"Any further rallies will be met with force---we are not going to let a few rowdy people disturb the smooth operation of public services..."

Opposition WebSite:

"Meet at the River Crossroads football field at 1pm, Saturday..."

Message from the National Unity Group:

"We're praying for sanity and calm..."

State-run News Headquarters:

"We have no alternative---troops will quell the riot..."

Opposition WebSite (through mobile app):

"Resist with all your might -- we must give our all---our lives---for freedom..."

Message from the National Unity Group:

"True liberty isn't won by violent means---may the two sides see their way clear to engage in productive consultation..."

State-run News Headquarters (sent, encrypted, to troops on the ground):

"Shoot, on sight, all people on street---don't ask Captains, just shoot..."

Opposition WebSite (through mobile app):

"They've killed most of us; plus, hundreds of innocent bystanders---hide in the hills until we can regain our strength..."

Message from the National Unity Group:

"We hereby register condemnation of the Government's actions---its slaughter of people.

"And, we express concern for the protestors, because of their shortsighted and foolhardy responses to the Government's actions.

"We've obtained a permit for a public gathering at the River Crossroads high school auditorium at 1pm, Saturday. We'll do all we can to ensure that all parties attend---government representatives, protest leaders, and distressed citizens...

"We'll be discussing the following topics:

"How Can We Find Common Ground.

"How Can We Live in Peace.

"How We Desperately Need Each Other."


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