So me...

For; anime, RPG, horror films, awful films, some art, some music & microbiology etc

I aint the most expressive of folk, so you may find that I'll often vote but don't comment - trust me, I've paid attention & the vote is deserved, as I lose focus easily. :/

I have dyslexia and aspergers.
I admit it, I (ironically) struggle to read - speed, memmory and maintaining focus are my main problem when reading & writing.
I type in Word first, as I often can't see many spelling mistakes - most things look about right, but for short stuff like poems I often go spontanious.

Lastly, I can't for the life of me reatain 'interest' in anything/everything - not through choice; I physically can't push throught a story if it's not syncing with me.
How is it some people can read a novel then brand it boring? How do the stick it out?
Thus, I'm generally not too open to rec's.

Sorry. :(

In stories

Where characters are key!
As a lacking plot can be saved by good characters whilst a great plot can be ruined by lousy ones.

I'd say

Quality over quantity (is another key)!
Greatness can be long or short lived, though it's better for the latter to apply to the oposition.

My works

Short stories, poems & my own book covers.

I write poetry in lower case, I was taught this is how it's suppose to be written - so my grammar (if that's word applies) isn't crap. ;)

Relatable stuff is generally the base material - even in a supernatural/sci-fi - an everyday setup turned 'fantastic'.

Thanks for stopping by

Enjoy my stuff. :)

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