Where Is The Center?

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He'd always been an inquisitive person.

No one could say he hadn't done a sufficient amount of searching for his answer.

Yet, his search, though compellingly close to completion, was still not finished...

He was passing old age and approaching ancient---he was almost a recluse; yet, he needed to sum up his searching, whether or not he got to the end...

He called his old friend and asked her to visit---he would get her feedback and let that launch him on a writing spree...


His friend arrived, tea was served, computer was on, and the writing program open...

"Monica, help me find the center, give me a clue about making all these 'collective centers' merge into whatever coordinates them all..."


"O.K., there's patriotism and nationalism---sometimes valuable for bringing folks together, sometimes forcing them apart... Then, political allegiance---again good and bad... Then, a certain unity of ideals---just fine if the ideals are positive... And, of course, marriage, sibling fidelity, family ties, and the good ol' neighborhood..."

Monica was a painter---saw most everything as related shapes...

"O.K., let's see... I think you could put all those on a sphere and find their connections; but, they may never all come together in one place; still... If there were a unifier at the very center of the sphere; and, all those 'collective centers' approached the sphere's center... But, dear friend, what is at the center of the sphere?"

"Oh, Monica, you are just totally brilliant! The center of the sphere? It's what we've talked about so often---the Oneness of Humanity!"

Monica looked a bit stunned and said:

"Uuhhh... O.K., it sounds like you have what you need to begin writing; but, even though we've talked so much about the Oneness of Humanity, I feel I have to go and find a way to travel to the center of that sphere..."


He finished his writing and sent it to Monica; because, if anyone could arrange for others to read it, she could.


He passed on before she could get it published; yet, they both found their way to the Center.........


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