Trial by Water

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I woke up to a loud crack.

There was ceiling paint and plaster fracturing—then the multiple thuds.

I couldn't believe my eyes—paint and plaster on the carpet with gallons of water!

It was one room away from where I'd been sleeping and I knew exactly what happened—the washing machine of the tenants above me had sprung a major leak in exactly the wrong place...

I called upstairs and the man said, "I'll be down in awhile."

I was still being stunned that such damage had happened when I heard the machine upstairs start up again.

I called up to ask if that was wise and got a stream of invectives and harsh roaring!


His washing machine caused it and he's mad at me...?

I called the landlord.

He was calm and said he'd stop by later.

He never showed up.

He didn't show up the next day either.

Two days after and, still, no one had come to check out the damage.

I've done research—this is a very serious thing—damage to the electrical equipment (which has been off for two days) because of water in the walls—mold beginning to grow...

I've not been in good health—I don't need to be breathing mold—I don't need to hear their washing machine starting up again and again, mocking my imagination that the ceiling's collapsing with the machine smashing into my living room...

I've marshaled my persistence, called my sister (who's wanted me to live closer for years)—was embraced by her voice and welcomed to come heal...

I've also studied the legal code, drawn up a document telling the landlord that he's "constructively evicted" me by ignoring a dangerous and toxic situation.

It's now four days since it happened and, still, no one dealing with it—I call the Housing Inspectors, deliver the lease-severing document, load up my brother-in-law's car, and move—exhausted—still not believing people could care so little for others—especially others who pay them money...

Well... used to pay them money.........


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