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It was no place; and, Margie was about to create it.

She entered the observation bubble on deck three, sat down across from Evangeline, and said:

"I'm going to no place."


"Utopia---it means 'no place'."

"I thought it meant something like the ideal or best place..."

"Folks do use it to mean ideal, the word history says no place."

"O.K., how ya gonna do it?"

"I've created a virtual reality game---wanna play it?"


They left the third deck of the spacecraft and meandered down a number of passageways till they arrived at the room with the super computers.

They signed for the computer named Everest and Margie told it to upload her game; while the cameras wired to the computer acquired their 3D imagery and built it into the program---their arm, hand, leg, foot, and head movements would trigger the movement of "avatars" in the game---there were finger gestures to fine-tune the avatar movements.

They were seeing through their avatars' eyes and were completely immersed in a world of Margie's design, inside a virtual spacecraft. Though, part of that design was a rational randomness---the game would never repeat itself...

After a bit of time to rehearse how to move, Margie's avatar signaled Evangeline's avatar to follow---they walked through a door of the virtual spacecraft and into a prep room for a journey outside---into virtual-space itself...


Three hours of real time later, Margie and Evangeline were experiencing a rest period that felt like it followed a full month of space travel---traveling toward a planetary system "relatively" nearby...

They reached the planet three virtual months later and both exclaimed about how wonderful these new and highly advanced personal spacesuit-craft were; then, they slowly entered the planet's atmosphere and descended to the surface, landing exactly in the middle of a city square, a very large city square, perhaps a full acre, just over 43,000 square feet; but, then, the city itself was some 10,000 acres in size.

Evangeline looked around at the floating buildings and said: "I'll never be able to describe this to anyone..."

Margie said: "No worries, everything we see will be stored for retrieval."

"Great! Where should we go first?"

"Well, this city is called Utopia---the planet has the same name---this part of this galaxy is also called Utopia. What would you like to visit, Evangeline?"


"Yes, anything, Evangeline."

"Umm... How about a place with deep jungle and animals that are completely safe?"

"Just click your heels and say, take me there..."

Evangeline clicked the heels of her spacesuit and screamed, "Take me there!"

Margie did not follow Evangeline...

Margie accelerated her spacesuit-craft up and out of the planet's atmosphere and went back to the virtual-spacecraft, piloted that back to the place they began the journey; then, she told the computer that was running the simulation (after she issued it orders to replicate Evangeline's form on the Real Life ship and assign her to an isolated lab used for exotic alien studies---No Entry Please...) she told the simulation computer to end the program.


Four months later, the very real spacecraft, the one with Margie in it, arrived at a planetary system the crew decided to name Utopia.

An expedition was suited up and dispatched to the planet's surface---a surface that was completely jungle, no obvious signs of life...

Margie kept track of the expedition on her personal computer and knew it was absolutely impossible to find Evangeline on this real Utopia...


A week later the expedition returned to the spacecraft with Evangeline in tow (the replicated Evangeline in the alien studies lab immediately vanished)...

Margie was thunderstruck---she thought she'd gotten rid of Evangeline forever...

Evangeline sought her out and, finding her working on some computer code, she said: "Nice try."

Margie looked up and blushed.

Evangeline continued with: "Can't stand the heat, eh? Don't like it that Tom likes me better?"

Margie sat staring---speechless...

Evangeline said: "No place..."

Margie: "Utopia...?"

Evangeline: "Your program worked flawlessly, by the way."


"I clicked my heels, said, 'Take me there.'; and, I was taken exactly to Utopia---No Place."

Margie sat staring---still speechless...

"But, Margie, apparently, No Place doesn't like to stay that way when folks in the real world visit it---they triggered something, I was suddenly in the jungle---I'd not missed a second of my own time, thought you'd written the best virtual reality program ever. I walked around a bit till I heard folks messaging me---looked at my wrist unit and saw the face of Tom---neither of us understood what was happening."

Margie said: "Hmmm..."

Evangeline said: "Hmmm...?"

Tom entered the room and said: "What the hell is going on?"


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