When the Kids Take Over . . .

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Mary and June sat in the Commons Room watching the big-screen TV.

They were absorbing the coverage of the March for Our Lives in Washington.

Mary looked over at June and said: "I do not believe how brave those kids are; I mean, it was only about a month ago they were being traumatized in their school..."

"Ya know, they're not all that much younger than us..."

"Yeah, but I think the years between 17 and 21 are longer than other years."

"Well, whatever; but, I read there'll be four million kids turning 18 before November..."

"Whoa! They can vote for the new members of Congress---I bet those politicians are worried..."

"Yeah, and the National Rifle Association's squirming..."

"Wha'd'ya think's gonna happen?"

"Well, first, I hope none of those kids get shot; then, I hope, no matter who gets elected, that they listen to those kids..."

"Ya know, June, it sorta feels like those kids are gonna take over---not us..."


They watched the rest of the March, then went to their dorm room and began a series of sessions of Internet research...


Three weeks later---a number of classes skipped---they finally felt worthy to join with the kids who were taking over.........


The March for Our Lives in Washington, D.C. is happening today, 24 March 2018

@ Noon (Eastern time, USA) --- along with over 800 sibling Marches World-Wide...


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