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Saved by AdrienLeCinnamonRoll
Savedby Novah -- Author-Chan~
After a desperate attempt to pull herself through depression, Marinette finds herself struggling to balance being a superhero and a student at the same time. Time for s...
  • romance
  • marichat
  • saved
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Blue Moon : 3rd Phase of the Moon by michgraythings
Blue Moon : 3rd Phase of the Moonby happyrabbit
Blue Moon : 3rd Phase of Full Moon The Labyrinth of Throtellia "Peculiar of Moon's Illusion, The Twilight that hold the Lights, Lights of your Shadow hold...
  • tales
  • contest2019
  • hyacinth
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Cinderella vs. Prince Charming by LaurenDMSmith
Cinderella vs. Prince Charmingby Lauren
Darren dropped the note addressed to the "Prince Charming wannabe" and announced "Well then Cinderella, I propose a game. If I win, you must come away wit...
  • cinderella
  • young
  • tales
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Cinderella vs. Happily Ever After by LaurenDMSmith
Cinderella vs. Happily Ever Afterby Lauren
Valerie's pissed. The palace has fallen and there's an army between her and Darren. She only has one choice: raise an army of her own so she can rescue Darren. So she ca...
  • charming
  • tales
  • prince
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Unspoken Tales by CroatianIdiot
Unspoken Talesby Kristian Popec
This is a collection of short horror stories in the world i am developing, Armet. The tales are a mix of fantasy and horror, and are made to perhaps expand the world I h...
  • horror
  • stories
  • unspokentales
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TINY TOMES by __vipasha15
TINY TOMESby __vipasha15
Pieces of heart, colours of happiness A collection of small tales based on love and life. (One more book coming soon in book stores😌)
  • short
  • vipasha15
  • love
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Twisted Disney Tales by aali0912
Twisted Disney Talesby Aaliyah Uppel
Just disney stories...with a little twist!
  • cinderella
  • death
  • sleepingbeauty
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The time you left. by sabandhannie
The time you left.by Allieswishes
My bestfriend, well I remember her now.
  • tales
  • sad
  • talktome
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Honest cow And The Tiger Stories For Kids by Moral-Stories
Honest cow And The Tiger Stories F...by Anu Chaganti
#HonestCow #EnglishFairyTales #EnglishMoralStories Honest cow And The Tiger Stories For Kids | English Fairy Tales | English Moral Stories
  • englishfairytales
  • stories
  • tales
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Estelle's Babysitting Adventure by PerkyGoth14
Estelle's Babysitting Adventureby PerkyGoth14
What feels like a normal day at first becomes a babysitting adventure when Estelle volunteers to babysit a woman's two children who love dragons named Max and Emmy with...
  • perkygoth14
  • dragon
  • pbs
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unsolved stories by Rose-Tyler019
unsolved storiesby Rose-Tyler019
Each chapter will tell a different unsolved stories, each one of them being true, read as you learn stories which have either been solved after years or decades or stori...
  • unsolved
  • murders
  • crime
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Wild Flower by FarizaFysalle
Wild Flowerby FarizaFysalle
In a midst of beautiful, gorgeous and wonderful roses surrounding him, a wildflower caught his attention. What happens when the red thread get stretched out so much? Fa...
  • separation
  • comfort
  • journey
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Tales of a Lullaby by Avaleux
Tales of a Lullabyby Avaleux
A book of poems (:
  • tales
  • poems
  • lullaby
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Let Me Draw You In... by skrillex_weasley3737
Let Me Draw You In...by Goner
Have you ever wondered what mermaids are? How they were created? If so... Sit back. Relax. Because I am going to tell you a story... A/N: I suck at descriptions! So plea...
  • thriller
  • louring
  • depression
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Zinkoran Tales: Keira by JustaTonTon
Zinkoran Tales: Keiraby JustaTonTon
  • keira
  • comment
  • shift
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Panorama by FatedToPretend_
Panoramaby s i n g u l a r i t y
What is a man but the life he lives? These are the tales of other people that I meet told through me.. sizzling [pan of] rama: incarnated of Vishnu. Deriving from...
  • memories
  • morality
  • tales
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Kuekuatsheu by _Bad_Habit_
Kuekuatsheuby _Bad_Habit_
Was the moon always lonely?
  • beautiful
  • moon
  • tales
The Blue Moon by gutenberg
The Blue Moonby gutenberg
  • housman
  • laurence
  • fairy
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