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The Book Of Oneshots by yunru28
The Book Of Oneshotsby Gabrielle
One shot book...You all should know what this is :D So yeah...I know Kingdom Hearts, Black Butler, Sonic, Final Fantasy 7, 8, 9, 10, Tales of Legendia, Tales of the Aby...
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Tales of Randomness by --Safao--
Tales of Randomnessby --Safao--
A random series created by 9 year olds, full of humor and not meant to be taken seriously. Warning: Beware of young boyish humor and possible grammer mistakes, all of t...
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Remnants of Distant Days (KH°FF°TWEWY°OTHERS) DISCONTINUED by pastellisse
Remnants of Distant Days (KH°FF°TW...by Elise
"It is all an endless dream. Yet still...this may just be the Final Fantasy..." After being separated from your friends and family; losing your world and most...
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Twisted Fairy Tales by JayChrists
Twisted Fairy Talesby Skullet Sk.all.et.
Snow White Sleeping beauty Little red riding hood And more But just a little different then the original
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Cinderella and Zombies by EmilyCaseysMuse
Cinderella and Zombiesby Emily Casey
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Tell Me I'm A Wreck: The Comedic Tales of a Hopeless Romantic by BelieveInTacos
Tell Me I'm A Wreck: The Comedic T...by BelieveInTacos
Molly never had a boyfriend until the day she was suddenly asked out by the hottest guy in school. Two months later, she is left heart broken and finds herself trying to...
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Rejected Story Ideas! by Majestic_Rock
Rejected Story Ideas!by Lesrainbows
Every stor may or may not hav deleted scenes or parts. But we still need to show them to the world. And this book is a collection of a lot of those ideas
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Tales of Turtle Awesomeness by WolfNinjaLove
Tales of Turtle Awesomenessby Lav&BlueNinjas
Hey dudes! Here's were I'll tell u some things going on with our favorite crime-fighting, mutated heroes! Trust me...... It's just as cool and unusual as it sounds
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The Grey Fairy Book by gutenberg
The Grey Fairy Bookby gutenberg
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Confederacy: Darkness Fought by BobBKew
Confederacy: Darkness Foughtby Bien Carlos Caponong Manzares
War rages between the Earth Federation and the Confederacy of United Suns. Both nations have fought each other to a standstill several times before. But when a cunning p...
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Little Girl by Laurss
Little Girlby Laurss
A series of story-telling poems and bedtime tales. Little Girl isn't so little anymore. These are the echoes of her past. The memories of a girl who refused to grow up...
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Stranger Than Fiction by Izaquix078
Stranger Than Fictionby Izaquix078
[Self-Insert, Possible SI x ?] Being stuck in a video game is an interesting experience where you get to use magic and fight monsters while trying not to die. That is, u...
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Merry Deathmas ( Jack X Holli ) by niconice123
Merry Deathmas ( Jack X Holli )by Nico
My Christmas one shot for all my Handsome Tale readers. So. Much. Fluff.
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Hetalia Fairy Tales by LoveArisa
Hetalia Fairy Talesby Precious (In another language...
What happens when the characters from Hetalia gets thrown in famous fairy tales like Little Red Riding Hood, Rapunzel and other such Grimms Fairy Tales? Some may end up...
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spilled ink by ofmisfits
spilled inkby dana
a collection of all the poetry i can't take back.
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Quirky Tales and Adventures Of Carrot & Potato! by yellowdeku
Quirky Tales and Adventures Of Car...by Me (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ
We make the most quirky, awkward and random stories! Starring two healthy vegetables: Carrot & Potato!
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