Stories to Tell in the Dark by horror-queen
Stories to Tell in the Darkby Strange
From folk lore, to games, this is Stories to tell in the dark. A series of scary stories guaranteed to make you hide under your covers! This was the first book I made...
  • scary
  • creepypasta
  • horror
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Endless Tales  by dxriangray
Endless Tales by Valerie
"My, my, Farrah. You out of all people should know, how the world plays it's cruel games." In which Farrah steps in the castle as his new bride, and the moon w...
  • romance
  • persian
  • retelling
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My Kingdom for a Sorceress by LauraJosephsen
My Kingdom for a Sorceressby Laura Josephsen
Prince Wenceslas would much rather be at home in his castle than wandering the world looking for enchanted princesses. Unfortunately, he has less than a month to fulfill...
  • sorceresses
  • funny
  • kingdoms
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A Handsome Tale (Handsome Jack X OC) by niconice123
A Handsome Tale (Handsome Jack X O...by Nico
Rhys was curious, why did a small, Hyperion girl like me care about owing Jack a debt? Why did she want to help him find a vault? Fiona, a new found friend on Pandora, w...
  • jack
  • borderlands
  • rhys
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The Book Of Sin | MLB fanfic Rated M by cladybug
The Book Of Sin | MLB fanfic Rated...by Frankie and Alix❤️
EXACTLY the title ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) I don't own Miraculous, Only the Stories. Please be advised that this is full of one shots and can range from first kisses to first times...
  • tales
  • chat
  • öf
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Once Upon a Time- Regina's daughter by amber_rose_mills
Once Upon a Time- Regina's daughterby amber_rose_mills
Amber is a servant girl, and she always has been. But when she finds a way to escape and get back to Regina, her life changes.
  • tales
  • fanfiction
  • ouat
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Hello, New World.  by legionfulminante
Hello, New World. by Meli
The tales of a girl going from her rustic homeland to a bustling, advanced city for her studies- and learning to adjust to modernized society, friends, relationships, an...
  • fanfiction
  • tales
  • talesof
life by kvnzie_
lifeby kenz 🍃
  • storytime
  • mine
  • thisreallysucksimsosorry
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Snow Kissed by Mpadgett80
Snow Kissedby M. J. Padgett
Book One - The Grimm Brothers' Guide to Sociopathic Princesses Eighteen-year-old Calla Benson knows a thing or two about being different. She turns into a predatory anim...
  • wolves
  • ya
  • princess
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The Dragon Tamer x The Bookworm ➳ Love Story by Fremione4evah
The Dragon Tamer x The Bookworm ➳...by Random Fandoms
What happens when Hermione finds out that she isn't who she thinks she is. There will be love along the way as well as, hatred, and young people cursing. Don't like i...
  • tales
  • gred
  • hermiones
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Adrien/Chat Noir X Reader Imagines by Smol-ish_Writer
Adrien/Chat Noir X Reader Imaginesby Maggy
A book of X reader imagines (Basically one-shots mate) for the beautiful Adrien Agreste. And Chat Noir, of course. That sexy bitch deserves the world. No lemons. Only f...
  • string
  • adrien
  • red
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The Dragon And The Phoenix (Trollhunters Fan Fiction) by Lynkoln_Evans
The Dragon And The Phoenix (Trollh...by Lynkoln_Evans
My sister and I cross over to the universe of Trollhunters: Tales of Arcadia. How the hell did this happen and what are we going to do to survive?
  • tales
  • three
  • rule
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Twisted Fairy tales (Diabolik lovers x Male oc) by derpyotakunerd
Twisted Fairy tales (Diabolik love...by derpyotakunerd
Have you ever wanted a fairy tale so perfect that everyone wanted,well if I tell you that all the fairy tales that you heard was all twisted will you still want it?
  • tales
  • twisted
  • fanfiction
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DMTNT: Dead Men Can't Love by FanficDaughter_16
DMTNT: Dead Men Can't Loveby FanficDaughter_16
Jack Sparrow, along with Henry Turner and Carina Smyth, must find the treasure of Poseidon before the evil Captain Salazar gets there first. Meanwhile, Lucy is fed up wi...
  • tales
  • dead
  • jack
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in which you can find the tales of alice and cyrus' daughter, crystal. PLEASE DO NOT STEAL ANY EXISTING OR CREATED CHARACTERS, IT'S WRONG!
  • wonderland
  • aliceinwonderland
  • adventures
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Horror Tales by SastielLovechild
Horror Talesby Mad Clifton
Each murder is different, but most triggers to commit such a violent act are the same. Pain, anger, sadness, it'll all trigger someone to crossover to the dark abyss. We...
  • murder
  • dark
  • crime
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13 Reasons Why | MLB FANFIC RATED M by cladybug
13 Reasons Why | MLB FANFIC RATED Mby Frankie and Alix❤️
"I cost a girl her life because I was too afraid to love her"
  • miraculously
  • 13reasonswhy
  • ladybug
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Trich Tales by Trichotillomania
Trich Talesby Trichotillomania
Updates about trichotillomania.
  • life
  • mentaldisorder
  • pulling
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Covers/Avatars/Banner Shop - By Nightpetal & Ambersong by Nightpetal_Fandom
Covers/Avatars/Banner Shop - By Ni...by Nightpetal
As the title says! Ambersong_Tales and I will be making Covers for Watty books, Avatars or Banners for anyone who wants them :))) Ambersong and I love getting orders, an...
  • covers
  • freebookcovers
  • book
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I Don't Like Old Guys by FumiseLove
I Don't Like Old Guysby Fumise Love
'Even though he's something between a Greek god and a model, he's still not my type because I only fall for guys younger than me.' Rose Wilkins is an average twenty-year...
  • nasty
  • love
  • old
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