Is The World Full ?

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[Abby's Diary]

Just finished the book called Eleven...

Here's the most challenging quote:

"We are going to change so completely that future civilization will be barely recognizable. We are going to change because, faced with extinction, our better angels will prevail....The transformation that will ultimately bring about a new and better world order will occur concurrently with a terrifying disintegration of the old one, making the 21st century a most precarious period."

Somewhat hard to believe---not the disintegration but the better angels...

[Abby's Life: at the Cafe with June]

"So, you finished reading the book..."

"It was a struggle, Abby; but, I finished it and I don't believe it."


"Well, I believe there could be 11 billion people by 2100; but, a completely new civilization, new politics, new trade practices, new respect for poor farmers? Not."

"So, you don't think we have better angels either..."

"We might; but, the devils are stronger."

"Seems like..."



Watched a news show today...

Can't believe people still think climate change isn't happening...


Talked with June again---she seems to think I'm a bit crazy?

[Life: at the Cafe]


"But, June, you shoot down everything I bring up, you scowl at me..."

"Doesn't mean I think you're crazy---just misguided..."

"Still, the ideas about finding points of unity are supported in those studies I showed you."

"You really think enough folks are gonna work toward unity before the devils trash the whole world?"

"What if what goes wrong kills off most of the people you call devils?"

"What could single them out?"

"Well, there'd be lots of innocents; but, if something like a plague hit just the cities..."

"Hmmm... I'll think about it..."


This research is scaring me...

Can't let June know, though---we're starting to unify around a couple ideas...

Gonna call those people who have those community-building study circles.

[Life: at the Park]

"No, won't go to any meetings."

"But, June, if we want to spread the feelings we have, help just a bit, why not join up with others?

"Join, join, join---just totally tired of it---might run off to the mountains..."


It's finally hitting me deep in my soul---we have to unify or we're dead.

Fact is, humans used to be more unified...

Then all this materialism---things are more important than other people and other people sometimes are just other things...

[Life: June's Apartment]

"O.K., I'll go with you."

"I think you'll actually like it, June."

"We'll see..."

[Diary: a week later]


Not sure what June thought about the meeting...


June hasn't answered her phone or door...


The cops have no leads...


I wonder which mountains she went to.........

[Diary: two months later]

Finally got a message---no way to trace it; but, she's ok.

What a shame she had to run...

Can't really blame her.

It's not easy to work on unity in such a fractured society...

Still, I have to.

Well... now it's WE have to---so glad I found my community-building group---seems like they're popping up all over.


Poor June...

Hope her better angels are watching out for her.........


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