Falsehood and Truth

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Joe and Matt took up their positions at their favorite table in the cafe---both authors; yet, very different in their approach to promotion of their work.

They fired up their laptops and began the routine of sharing their latest findings...

"Matt, did you see the article about Twitter and false stories?"

"Was it about how Twitter is a totally false form of communication and useless for an author?"


"So, what did it say?"

"That falsehood spreads faster and deeper than truth."

"How do they know that?"

"Major study---used every contested news story since Twitter began..."

"So... you gonna stop using it?"

"No... I'm not dealing with news on Twitter---just engaging folks in exchanges that might lead them to my books---you know that, Matt!"

"Still, couldn't that study be more widely applied---if falsehoods in news spread faster, it's only 'cause certain folks push it---why can't that kind of person push false info in other fields?"

"I suppose they could..."


"So, what?"

"You aren't gonna stop using Twitter?"

"No... but, there's also this bit about a bunch of political scientists and legal scholars where they say, 'interdisciplinary research should be used to reduce the spread of fake news and to address the underlying pathologies it has revealed.' And, 'we need to create a news ecosystem that values and promotes truth.'"

"Think they'll ever make things like that possible in videos?

"It's already happening..."


"There's software that can make believable fake videos of anyone you want, saying whatever you want them to say..."

".........; so, nothing's safe?"

"I guess all that's left is what you and I write..."

They both laughed; but, it was hesitant...

Matt was silent...

Joe was silent...

It went on a bit...

Then, suddenly, they both said, "Gotta write about that..."


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