"So... What if there's a life after this one on Earth?"

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"So what, if there's a life after this one on Earth?"

"Joe, that's not what I said---I said, 'So, what if there's a life after this one on Earth?'."

"Right Pete, and I said, 'So what?'."

"Can't even have a decent discussion with ya on this one, eh?"

"What discussion---discussing means it might be true."

"Well, it might..."

"Says you."

"I think it's like backing up your files on a computer..."

"Some other life is like backing up?"

"No, realizing there might be another life is like backing up---some nerd said, 'I'd rather have backed up and not needed it, then not have backed up and needed it.'."

"Why? You mean if I don't believe there's some other life and there actually is I'll lose all my data?"

"Sure, go ahead, make a joke out of it..."

"I'm not---'data', like what makes me what I am..."

"Damn, Joe, I think you're on to something..."


"Let's talk about it again---in the Next life..."

They laughed... And, wondered.........


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